Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains (RPG Game, Video about new side quest, post #146)

It only works after completing your first mission.

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@kckolbe what do you mean by ā€œdefensive scores remain the sameā€? You mean that the dice rolls donā€™t change? (that should clearly be a bugā€¦)

But, I get your point about the game mechanics, and added some extra explanations about this. Basically, these are based on the Fighting Fantasy seriesā€¦ so, a score of 4 or 6 are very low (you need to roll less than 4 or 5 with 2D6ā€¦ which is difficultā€¦). But, hopefully in the next update this will all be better explained.

The loot is indeed random, and does lead to such problems. As the dungeons are also random, in some of them you might encounter more locked doors than others, and the potions would also be random. Some of them are not random (as in, some rooms are ā€œsetā€ rooms, and have fixed treasure, as some people had complained of the lack of this or that during playtesting). If you want to make some recommendations I can make some modifications to make the game feel better for a rogue? (but, yes, the game is what it isā€¦ though some of the dungeons should have a different feel to them, like the tomb of the dwarf?). Nevertheless, I will try to think of some more of these myselfā€¦

@Pedro_Aires I take your point that as a wizard it is difficult to prioritizeā€¦ mana vs having many spellsā€¦ vs having points in other things. But, surely this becomes part of the strategy in the game? (which to prioritize, as you level up). I mean, if you find it difficult at a certain level you can always play in an easier level? (in what difficulty level do you play at the moment). But, maybe it would help if I add an extra mana potion in the first dungeon?

@ImNotListening thanks for reporting, hopefully that should be fixed in the next update! :slight_smile:

Will continue from post #138 laterā€¦:slight_smile:

To do list
-Add more instances of open locks for rogues (especially in the first few dungeonsā€¦)
-Add an extra mana potion for wizard in first dungeon


I believe I also found another small bug. It seems that both the mighty blow and the bezurke attack is doing 3 damage. Shouldnā€™t the bezurke attack do more damage than mighty blow?

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I know this may be a lot but I was wondering if you can make it so we can visit each town/city of a race, and maybe make an adventurerā€™s guild.

Sorry that this thread has been a bit quiet for a bitā€¦ recently I have had a lot more time to work on my games, so I have started working on a new side mission (free for those who bought the game), where you can battle a manticore. I will also go through the last comments (I know they were from a while ago).

Also, made a new video about current news on my games (this one and other ones, check the link below!)


Awesome! I havenā€™t played this in a while, but Iā€™ll have to give it another go when the new mission is ready.

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one little question from me,

if a released title got updates, can it still recognize old saved data? or do we have to start over?