Ragnarok (WIP - Working Title) [Update 9/16/17]

The gods are dead. Those that survived the world have fled, leaving humans to fend for themselves without protection. In their absence a great evil is rising, one that threatens to be worse than any trick Loki could have devised.

You are a descendant of Lif and Lifthrasir, the two humans left untouched by Surtr’s fire. Your ancestors helped to repopulate the world, and generations later it is your turn to save it.

With a vast, powerful evil on the rise, time is of the essence, and help is in short supply.

The world had fallen into chaos. Can you survive long enough to bring order back to your home?

The full story outline is still a work in progress.

I’ll update this thread as I continue to develop the game.

The current state (as of 9/16/17) can be found here: https://dashingdon.com/go/1744

UPDATE [9/16/17]:

  • Fixed a typo.
  • Added the first half of Chapter 2 (all I have time for.)
  • Next update will include the next half of Chapter 2, introducing a new character who’s been added to the character list even though you haven’t met her yet.

Plans for future updates include:

  • Figure out how to make the PCs name appear on the stats screen.
  • Figure out how to make stats count in appropriate situations (i.e battle.)
  • Figure out how to make a traceable inventory of money and supplies.
  • Add a glossary of people and places.

Please tell me if I broke something. I’m using ChoiceScript IDE now which makes my life easier.



Please leave feedback and let me know if you have any problems with broken code or any typos. I’ve done some pretty extensive testing myself but I’m not perfect. Also, of course, this isn’t representative of how the final product will look.




Why not post the wip in thread before this?

Feels better to start fresh.


I don’t think mod going to like it though

Maybe but I’ll deal with that if I need to. Can’t delete threads at any rate. xD


You can ask @moderators to help you about that

This is really good, youre a talented writer.

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Truth. When it’s not so late at night I’ll worry about it. If one or the other gets locked or removed it won’t matter so.


The journey begins. For Asgard, Yggdrasil and the nine worlds.

This is very nice so far. I didn’t notice any typos, and I really like the part where we can just tug on our friend’s beard for no reason (i just think it’s adorable).

Looks good so far! Liking it a lot!

Played this before work this morning. I like how the game is progressing, keep it up! :slight_smile:

I like the idea, but I have to ask since it’s what I do, will there be romance and if so will there be any female ROs for female characters? Also a typo I noticed is worried spelled as “woried”


Yes, and yes, there will be, at this point it’s two. You can romance whatever character you like, regardless of sex. I need to add another guy to balance it out but haven’t got that far yet. This is just first act stuff. Can you tell me where the typo is so I can go fix it?


Yay!!! :grin:

No need to add more guys 1 guy is already too many :wink:

The typo is after talking to the seer, one of the choices for how you’re feeling about the upcoming journey.

Thaaank you.

I like the ladies myself but gotta be fair to the boy lovers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the story so far and I can tell I’ll like/love my best friend hehe
Keep up the good job mate ^^

There should be an update coming within the week (at least a partial one).



what I found
  • changing trade routes forced them north, into Norge and the newly settled but buslting trading port of Oslo.


  • You don’t like feeling like people are laughing at you and that’s usually what happens when you try to solve something

This may just me, i found that the second like is unnecessary.

  • children your age and had your fair share of play and hardwork, the latter becomming more frequent as you grew older.


This is interesting, although I feel like the beginning is a bit rushed(this do still WiP though). Also, Bjorn is RO right?

Definitely still a WIP, and I’m still learning CS as I go so I’m predicting the finished product will look a lot different and yes, Bjorn is a RO. There’s four of them total right now, 2 male and 2 female, and you can go after whoever you want.