Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 15 Complete, and Now Actually Accessible! Updated 4/9/19


Bug found. High-Athletics child; played with high-Edu earlier and had no problems.

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In year 14, in the social media scene.

teenagers they met during baseball,

The bolded word should be: ${ahe}

Older siblings of fellows students,


The highlighted text could do with being broken up, as it’s quite a wall of text.



This was a fun chapter going from the highs of vacation to the lows of (nearly) losing the pet to the highs and lows of the internet. I like how both deal with the kid’s distancing attachment, first to the parent and then to the pet, as well as how the internet and that social scene takes the kid’s attention instead.


"I’ll see if that swanky resort in Morgan Harbor has an opening.
Needs a quotation mark at the end.

You hold out your hands. “Yeah, I know I’m guilty as charged. Let’s fine the cat now, recriminate later. At least He shouldn’t have gotten too far yet. We need to act fast.”
“He” should be lowercase.

!{aname} is wise enough to say nothing, but {ahis} face betrays exactly how he feels about relying on the goodness of {ahis} fellow man to help find !{pname}.
“he” should be a variable.

"It could be that another family took {phim} without realizing {phe} had a home. Hopefully {phe} is still safe whether or not we find {phim} again.
Needs a quotation at the end.

Looking forward to the high school scenes!



So I know you said your running out of scenes, but if you can fit in a scene regarding different friendship “cliques” that would be great.

I remember as a kid the main cliques were the goths, the emos, and the jocks. And I remember my dad being really disgusted when I came home with a piercing and dyed hair one day…lol.



Great update, as much as I still wish martial arts was one of the possible extracurricular activities for your kid (I have a strong liking to roleplay as a Fight-Mom in some of my playthroughs) It’s still a fun update to playthrough. I am curious where the story will go after MC’s kid befriends the group of “older kids” at Year 14, it’s actually something I never really saw in stories (or in real life for that amtter) before.



Bug in year 10.
In year 5 Jennifer chose to do STEM club, but in year 10 I chose: “Organized activities are meh. Jennifer and I don’t need that kind of hassle anymore.”

But I still got the choice: “This is a perfect opportunity to let Jennifer work on her STEM club skills at a week-long workshop for it.”

There needs to be *if (activity > 0) before the: “This is a perfect opportunity to let !{aname} work on {ahis} ${activityname} skills” choice.



Awesome update. Very, very cool. Had yet some more laugh out loud moments in the story. “You think you’re getting one over on me, but I just paid you your own money”

Really going to be sad when this is done, if only for the fact that my fictional child will become a fictional adult. I don’t think my real life heart can deal. :cry:



That reminds me – if the parent is the one who lets the pet loose, and you continue to press on with the search, it mentions the kid is freezing you out, which makes sense. Yet if the MC lets the pet loose, returns home, and then stops the search altogether, it seems like it brushes aside that obvious tension and jumps to the kid being understanding. I feel like adding that line about the kid being cold to the MC to that section would underscore the stress of the situation.

I also wonder if when the MC does take the kid’s money but doesn’t spend anything for the poster reward, the kid suggests using the money they gave the parent to create more posters or something. That could also imply there’s stress between the two. :thinking:



A lot of these fixes have now been uploaded as of this morning. Karate is still something I am mulling over, if only because I have a dynamite career in mind for the kid if they were to try and stick with that all the way down the line. Just have to think about implementation.

I will miss the fictional child a bit too, although I will also be pleased to see this thing done. I have some ideas for a couple small things to do before jumping into my third title (and said third title could still be one of three things depending on which way the wind blows both from personal preference and The Parenting Simulator’s sales performance).



Quick question but does our child’s focus on either education or athletics affect our child’s appearance?



Do you think the kid could get a job/start a business in years 15-18?
It could be related to the extracurriculars (working as a coach/instructor for younger children in a sport, private art/music/STEM lessons), or a small business (babysitting, academic tutoring, lawn care, etc.).
I think appearance is largely based on headcanon in this game, so I don’t think so. While being more athletic could make the kid more muscular (and therefore more popular), being more into education does not make the kid unpopular at all.



Oh I see thanks for the clarification!



In this dialoge I would really consider changing ‘daughter’ to her name or petname like ‘sweetie’ bc it really doesnt quite fit. (With Son is it less of a problem)

Also with the choosing a pet part, I would allow the player to have a continuing option to choose everything: by wich I mean if we look at the cats but want to see the other options we can’t go back to the option of having a cat. It would make it more fun for players to have that option.



I will potentially have vague allusions to kids with high Education needing a little more exercise, or ones with low Ed being in fairly good shape, but I won’t be explicitly labeling anyone overweight or anything like that. As was said, I prefer not to interfere with how people see their characters when possible.

@Snowflower A job is a certainty. Been planned for year 17 since the beginning (since they need a license first). Probably a fair amount of options, and being related to the activity is possible.

@Emmelienxd Because each animal intro is written as if you are going there for the first time, giving an option to go back would require either a ton of rewriting or be one of those moments I really try to avoid, where option recycling is so obvious that it potentially breaks you out of the story as you see something again but react as if it’s the first time.

Everyone, I wanted to see if people could start putting up stats that they have as they go. Just a general screenshot or report of each number and your money, maybe at the 5-10-14 marks or something. I want to get as much data as possible so once the words are written I can tighten the bolts on this bad boy and send it on its way. Don’t dona special playthrough for it or anything, just as you happen to boot it up and especially whenever I put up a new chapter.

On that note, slow going for 15 but I at least see how I want the class selection to go. Hopefully another update this month but we will see.




Screenshots from recent playthrough

Year 5

Year 10 (note: I picked educational activities at this point; it may have increased education by 1)

Year 14, beginning

Year 14, end



Perfect, thanks so much!

Do y’all like the look of the stat screen, by the way?

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If the show all scenes option is selected at the start of the game, the first steps scene doesn’t show up in year 1.



That is definitely a bug. Some scenes still don’t show up based on situations and such even with the derandomizer, but that’s not one of them.




Year 5

Year 10

Year 14



Everybody with the dog named Buddy. My avatar would have approved.