Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 15 Complete, and Now Actually Accessible! Updated 4/9/19


Ohhh sounds dope!


Let me think.

Year Fifteen- Class selection, sport tryouts or equivalent event for mental activities. Could squeeze a third one in but both of these will likely be long so not certain.

16- Continue parent drama, so maybe put the chill out Day here to come down from that? Then we have learning to drive.


A camping activity could be fun, too. :camping:

I think having a “chill out day” event like that in year 16 would make sense – otherwise we’d just be jumping from the parent drama to the drama of driving without anytime for the player to reflect on the events that had happened. I also like that it’d be a call back to the childhood playing event in its own way, since I think it’d help the player appreciate how different things are compared to back then – it’d be a mix of nostalgia and focusing on the present/future, which I think leads well into the learning to drive event.


Oof. That hurt me. Tells me, my boy is growing up fast. :cry:


Maybe in 16, put in three events (two if no other parent is brought up): other parent, driving, and chill out. Driving could also be based on your home (city has excellent public transportation, making driving less important, while driving is pretty much necessary in the country). Year 17 should be “fun” for high-Education children- I would like it if you included AP exam week, SATs and/or college apps.


Standardized testing is a yes, or at least a possibility. But that’s year 18. How you described 16 is pretty much how I decided to do it. There will be drama, but as y’all said, it will be balanced with non-drama.


For me, year 17 was the standardized testing year. 18 was all about college apps (and a few more standardized tests required for certain programs and strongly recommended for others) and so far, scholarships.


Weird potentially very awkward question- are you going to deal with a daughter having her ‘monthly lady problem’ at all? I think that could be very interesting to tackle with a male parent.

Edit: I do note this, because it is a piece of anxiety for young girls- if they’re not maturing as fast as their friends, what if it begins somewhere embarrassing- like at a sports event, or at a camp, etc. And dealing with a dad who doesn’t have first hand experience could be interesting.


Wew I never expected Hirasawa Yui to be on this thread

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I’m not quite sure how to comment yet due to my little use of this forum, (so please excuse me if this function isn’t being used properly) but I just wanted to let the author know that I honestly am in love with this game. In its demo stage and all. The amount of impact my choices make and watching my little rugrat grow up is something I didn’t expect myself to enjoy so much! Along with its cute and witty writing style that often lead to me cracking up and annoying my family with everything that my fictional child does. I could honestly go on forever, but I’ll end with this: Thank you for putting so much work into this. It clearly shows in my opinion. Good luck to you writer and I hope that everything goes well! Definitely looking forward to the updates and a finished game!


You’re absolutely right. I forgot SATs are junior year. So they would indeed be Year 17. FYI, I fully intend to mock the ACT with extreme prejudice in this segment. That thing was next to useless even when I went to school, and I’m so old my SAT score was out of 1600. Although I think I heard they went back to that scale anyhow.

@PrettyPrincess Thank you for the kind words! It makes me happy knowing someone appreciates my (half)wit and I look forward to having this completed soon so you can continue to assault your family with our shared insanity. Please check back in a few days for a new chapter!

@Mim Periods and puberty are mostly cut, same reason as I took out dates and crushes. Keeping things as close to G-rated as possible. It’s wrong that including menstruation would be regarded as sexual content since it is anything but. However, I’m not going to die on that hill, or worse, kill my story’s chance of success on it. I’ve done the niche story no one read already, it’s all about mass appeal this time out.


I really appreciate all the work you have done on this game.

I enjoy all the different situations we can experience, and the ability to shape our child’s personality. I like that the game is realistic but it is still positive. You’ve done a great job at writing about the experiences of parenting. I look forward to the rest of the game. Keep up the awesome work. :grin: :heart_eyes:

Family and marriage life in interactive games

Thanks, Oliver. I can’t tell you how lucky I have been that you found and enjoyed this story. You’ve been an excellent tester, and without your efforts I would likely have needed several more weeks getting this ready for publication at the end.


Thank you! :grin:
Is Lana a single parent?

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I never decided if she was also a single parent or just had a very lackadaisical husband. Probably the former, though. The latter seems even sadder, to be a single parent in everything but name. I think I might put a mention in about a new husband for her during the graduation scene for those who keep the relationship intact, we’ll give her a little (hopefully) happy ending.


Have you done anything with height? That’s pretty G-rated but is connected to puberty… and since the MC might not be the biological parent, you can avoid the “nature vs nurture” issue by randomizing it or leaning towards nurture and basing it on foods the kid has eaten (if they had any scenes with food). It could be one of those small events at the end of the year, or even just a few lines. :thinking:


I could easily slip that into the school shopping scene that will close out year 14. Good thought!


Do you know yet if Family Matters going to feature the MC’s child, or if it will feature a new character?

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That is not certain, and I don’t know how much spoiling people would want for that anyhow. I am 100% sure the child would show up. In what capacity, not so sure. At one point I thought they could be your spouse, that way your own MC would be your in-law. But no, that’s just too bizarre, even for me. Another thought is more of an extended cameo than a major focus.


Are you going to include a college exam bribery scene or trying to get your child admitted on a sports scholarship even if they are non-sports children?


Is that taking too much from today’s American politics? :lock_with_ink_pen: