Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 15 Complete, and Now Actually Accessible! Updated 4/9/19


Can i make my structured and high education level kiddo into an introvert? Somehow when i discourage all her social contact and promote awkwardness and stuff, she still has a high popularity. I just want a shy nerdy bean :smiley:



Cant wait for more. Love the concept and I hope this gets turned into a game!



To do that, during the event where the MC gets to join the webview contest, pick either the option that you don’t post anything about your child or be a lurker. Then don’t join the contest at all. That’s all I can say to make your child introverted

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Parent of the year, ladies and gentlemen.




The year titles listed in the summary need to have all of their words capitalised, for consistency with the other years.


Year Two- On the Move
Year One- The Art of Interpreting Screams
Year Eleven- My Nest is Best
Year Three- Why Did You Teach $!{ahim} to Talk, Exactly?
Year Four- From Toddler to Terror
Year Five- Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?



Got a few suggestions;

  • make Wrestling an avalible sport. When they are little, it could be ametuer/Greco wrestling then as they get older, they can choose between continuing ametuer level or going professional (like WWE) training. I think it would be a cool, and unique sport to add.

  • a potential “drugs are bad” talk. It can start as a kid, and then when they are like 14-15 depending on how the message was delivered, you can best them for having a joint or whatever.

  • a way of starting at a certain year. I’m gonna be honest, I have played this game so much I just wanna skip the first three years lmao. Nothing wrong with them, I just played it so much I can recite it all in my head.



I also agree with a way to skipping certain years. Or instead of of letting us pick at the start of the game let’s us choose if with want random choices or not every year. As someone who also likes seeing the different teenage choices it leads to a pretty long playthrough.



I like the idea of skipping ahead to certain years as well. Maybe have it as a “start at birth”, “start at childhood”, “start at teenage years” type of thing… although I’m not sure how the variables would work or how the later years would be affected since the scenes are starting to call back to the previous ones.

I wouldn’t mind the game asking us if we want random choices every year so long as at the start I can set it so the question doesn’t get asked again. Since I only play with random scenes it’d become annoying if I were asked over and over… :laughing:



While I can agree that having a year skip would be desirable for y’all given the repetitiveness of going through early times over and over to see new content, the variable issue is the primary reason this would not be an easy inclusion. Without going through early scenes and encountering some variables, you’d be hard-pressed to go through the rest of the game without missing some stuff or even breaking it entirely. And since that would not likely be a feature I would want in the final release, spending a lot of time working that out may not be a good idea.

On the note of time, March is another hard push month for me, like January and November before it. This means my goal is 20,000 words, and having made my goals twice now I hope to go 3 for 3. I may not post as much (or as lengthily when I do), but in return there should hopefully be two updates this month (meaning by the end of March it could be through year 15). And for anyone interested, the total word count for the project, which I had once worried might not get to 100,000 overall, is apparently sitting at 96,000 with at least 25-30% more to be done. Whew! See you on the other side!




God Damn! Very Awesome :tada::tada:



I might be in the minority (usually am ;>) but I feel allowing any skipping would be against the spirit of the game and would be counter to its soul.

Parenting is something you never get to skip ahead on and even if you have more than one child, the journey is the experience not the beginning point or end point.

I understand all the meta arguments for having skip-ahead points in a game yet in this case I feel it would actually be a regrettable thing to develop.




I agree, even if you and I are still on separate sides about the randomization question. If I were to introduce it, which still seems u likely, it would solely be as a beta tool. It has zero chance of being in the final release. The derandomizer, though, I still expect to include, but am leaning towards making it an unlock for completing the game.

Oh, I did take one of the earlier scene suggestions. Be prepared to lose your pet!



In year 13.

FInally the time arrives for everyone to say their goodbyes.




I’m not sure if it’s just me but when I get to just about starting year 13 it sort of gets stuck on loading; it caused me some frustration when I didn’t save an entire playthrough haha



Pretty sure if it’s doing that the demo is over



Yeah, right now the demo should end at the end of year 13 with the paragraph about your kid now being a teenager.



Do you plan on having follow up scenes for what happened to the “other parent”? So if you chose that they died, could we get a scene going to the graveyard, or visiting his birth parents or whatever?

Would be really fun!



Yes! That was actually going to be in year 14, but I ended up going with some other scenes since I wanted to space the parent stuff out more. It is slated for year 16 and almost certainly will not move from there.

@beewee They are right, the loading thing is the end of the demo. There are several mostly empty scene files after the text ends that seem to cause this.

On year 14, I have finished social media and hopefully will finish the lost pet tonight. The trip may take awhile though. None of this is up yet, just wanted to let y’all know when to expect the next update.



It would be real fun if you had some father/mother and son/daughter bonding. Like a dad taking his son fishing, or a mother taking her daughter to a spa or something.

I remember those moments the most, when I was a kid and find it surprising they have been omitted so far.



Hmmm. I am running out years to put scenes in. But something like that to serve as a teenage version of the day where you just play with the kid at home in year 3 or 4 would be good. Choose between some activities like a spa day, a concert, and so on.