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I hope we have the option to expand our family it would be challenging but I’m up for a challenge.


This so much. I’m hoping we can find a wife/husband and make a younger sibling for our kid though i do recognize that that may be a fair bit of unnecessary strain for the author.

Question. Will some of our decisions come into play later such as whether we decided to get our kid what they wanted or forced them to do whatever we said? Ex. If throughout the story, you always exert your will on your kid, will they be more afraid/resentful of us later in life


Ugh, okay. So I’m reading and stalking this topic since like Year 9? bUT now I finally got the balls to say how much I love this game :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts: It’s so amazing and good and replayable and I just love my smart (and kinda shitty) daughter so so much. Can’t wait for Year 13, y’all.


Suggestion for more achivements:
Building bridges- Your child kept their childhood friend.
Burning bridges- Your child lost their childhood friend.


In the pet scene, we get the option to bump up the allowance regardless of whether we received the allowance scene and chose to give allowance. Can we get an option to start giving allowance for the pet chores if we haven’t done it already (if we already gave an allowance, we would still have the option to bump it up in the pet scene).

Also, achievement suggestions:
Eagle has Landed (also could be One Small Step)- Kid gets into highly selective college and thrives.
Hall of Future Fame- Kid gets into sports college with high chance of going pro.
Molto Allegro/Superstar/ En Pointe- Kid goes to music/arts/dance school and thrives.


That’s gonna be a big age gap.

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“no such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.”
Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid)

Yeah but that’s only if the option shows up at age 13+. Even still, it would be nice to see the sibling dynamic play out


Part of my more recent drawings, I’m redoing a lot of older art so hopefully my newer stuff will grab your attention better


In keeping with the game’s randomisation,
I suggest having a choice at the beginning of the game, to randomise the child’s gender.


ohhhhhhh that would be cool


I’d argue the game should give the player the option to choose whether to randomize the child’s gender or not, just as we’re given the option to choose whether to have random scenarios or experience them all.


Hey, I was wondering abour the child’s sexuality. Is there going to be options for your kid to come out to you or maybe even come out as transgender?


In the bullying scene (with fname as the bully and child as the victim), it is mentioned that fname had their own embarrassing incident by sitting on red paint. If fname is a girl, then she would likely be teased for a very different reason, especially given that both child and fname are nearing puberty.


Never be nervous to speak up in a WIP thread! If an author didn’t want to hear from people he or she wouldn’t do a public beta.

@Bugreporter Don’t worry, I have achievements in mind for the burning or mending of bridges, likely tied to the post-graduation party and who is in attendance (or not in attendance). Probably not multiple ones for each character, though, since I foresee this sort of thing for at least three, if not more. And I am 100% on board with the randomized gender thing. I’m a little surprised I didn’t include it to begin with, since I have a similar option in Nuclear Powered Toaster that, based on Steam achievement data, is fairly popular (fully 1/4 of all players have randomized their character on at least one playthrough). I am not entirely sure how to word it in the context of the blanket color thing, though. Gotta think on that a bit.

@Snowflower Those are some good cheevo ideas; I intend to have one for them getting a career in their activity, but not an individual one for each. There’s likely to only be 50 achievements in the whole game, and that would shoot through a lot of them. I do expect at least 8-10 achievements to be tied to various endgame states. This thing’s gonna splinter in a major way. I fixed the allowance thing.

I don’t mind that some questions come up a bunch, given how huge the thread is. It’s unreasonable to expect anyone coming in now to know what was said 300 posts ago. But in the interest of brevity, I will just say that I jettisoned anything involving sexuality to insure the most family-friendly rating, and siblings won’t be introduced until the follow-up story, with a working title of Family Matters. More specifics are…somewhere in this thread.

@Nikki Do you have any art showing a person from the back? That is a lot of what this would entail.

I think I covered everything. If I didn’t, please shout at me until I do.


“Gray, like the hospital walls.” (Randomize gender)


Is this still relevant? If so, I would love to apply. I’ve got a bachelor in design and a passion for illustration (which is why I can provide the painstackingly accurate format and color-profile stuff mentioned above AND can draw). I’m doing both traditional and digital art, so just describe the preferred style and content! (As I draw not in one specific style, but tailor it to the specific needs of each project, I will refrain from linking references until I know more :smiley: (also, I’m not sure, but weren’t you also the one in the “Morgan”-thread?)


(( Edit number eight :smiley: @Delphi thank you very much! I tried to incorporate it, but it kind of failed, so I will fix it tomorrow as I really should sleep now))
Edit: Oh jeepers, how do I create links in a post that do not directly display the full image? D: I did not plan on creating such a huge wall, my apologies. ))

Wait nevermind, I just noticed that there have been various responses in the meantime (and as it is 2:10 am in Germany right now, I cannot focuse on reading all the former posts in the thread, to be honest. I will simply link a few different styles, but I’d want to stress, that I am flexible beyond that and can also emulate specific styles, in case that is needed.)

Here are some examples:

a few different digital and coloured drawings with shading etc



digital, roughly shaded portrait

digital, full body illustration with thinly structured shading, flat background

basically the same, but not digital

simple, digital styles

more detailed, but flatly colored digital styles

Mixed media (photography and digital drawing)

Water colour (Characters)

Water colour (scenic stuff)




ink, hatching, water colour

ink, water colour




Use this without the asterisks (*) to hide your pictures under whatever you replace “Summary” with

Putting [details=“Summary”] at the start of your images and the other at the end

And don’t worry too much about this lmao, also very nice to see a fellow art student not to mention a talented one at that :grin:


I know this comment is 12 days old, but I wanna weigh in. I’m really glad that my kid could skip grades too. I used to read at a 3rd grade level in Kindergarten (I literally read books every moment I had free time) and the way you wrote the scene gave me some nice flashbacks to those fun times in my childhood. :blush:


I’m glad that it gave you a little nostalgia trip! It’s not a real grade skip, because that would seriously mess up the game (for example, you could never do the play and thus have no chance to go the acting route at all), but I still wanted to throw in something for the brainiacs out there. I’ll have another chance for advanced stuff in year 15 with class selection, as AP classes will be an option. Of course, their added difficulty has both benefits and drawbacks.

Oh, I forget who mentioned it, but the video being an option to humiliate your kid for bullying is supposed to be available even if you didn’t do the WeView contest. It just changes the text (if you did it it was your entry you send to embarrass them, if you didn’t it is just a random blackmail-worthy video you had. As a parent I can assure you that you always have some of these available just by accident, because kids are funny and weird).

@Isa I am even more glad than before that I posted on the Crisis of Infinite Morgans thread if it brought you here! Please don’t hurry to hide your art wall on my account. That one with the planets in the woman’s hair is quite impressive, and the number of different styles you have done is hard for me to even fathom. I have had four people express interest so far, so I have some researching to do and may contact some of y’all outside of this thread soon. Also, guten abend! Ich kann ein kleine Deutsch sprachen, aber nicht so gut. High school was literally half a lifetime ago at this point.

I am actually hitting a bit of an empty spot with my list of planned scenes for year 14 (although this won’t really be the case for later years). So if anyone has something they want to suggest (that doesn’t go against something I’ve already mentioned I won’t be including), I’d love to hear it. I will likely move the second parent meet/gravesite visit/birth mother meet from 15 to 14 just because 15 is filling up with high school stuff as potential scenes (class selection, which will work a lot like summer school for the handful of people who got that scene, plus team tryouts), but otherwise I don’t have anything currently slotted for year 14.

Yeah, I like parentheses. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?