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Which word is this a pun of?

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Well, I was aiming for it sounding like A Few Good Men. Might have missed the mark though. Boy title might not work as a pun as easily.


Suggestion for the nephew’s scene-
Nephew Reintroduce You

As in “Let Me Reintroduce You”.


I didn’t get the pun until I read the lower texts :rofl:


Really briefly, but what is this about and is there romance in it?

• Niece to see you
• The girls are back in town
• Sister, Sister
• She will be hugged

• Nephew good men
• Having to Nephew’s the situation
• Bad Boys
•Brother from Another Mother

You don’t have to have the word “nephew” or “niece” in the title so much as punnily allude to it imo


No explicit romance in NPT; it built toward some connections to potentially be explored in a sequel but since it takes place over a day and a half there isn’t time for much else. Romance just isn’t my bag.


Okay, flash contest time: who has the best name for a regional grocery store chain, a la Kroger or Publix? I briefly considered Fulgore’s, but even a story as irreverent as this one may go a bit too far with that reference.

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Groceries R Us


Both names are based on real-life companies, you don’t think it’ll be a problem?

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I can’t think of anything witty, but since names like Kroger were originally the founders’ names, perhaps you should use a name you’ve already used – like Edgewick’s Emporium (taken from Edgewick Academy) or better yet, Mimi’s Fair (taken from the Screamin’ Mimi, lol) – it could be that they named the school/coaster/etc. after the founder of the grocery store or something like that.


I was just using them as examples of the type of store I am talking about. I won’t use either.

An ode to the fallen, @Eiwynn. A good idea. I could even tweak it further, make it Groce R Ease or something.

Edgewick’s Emporium could work too, could even throwin a blurb about it being connected to the family behind the school or something. Keep in mind more than one name might be used, as I could change it up based on school, where you live, or something like that.


“We make shopping an ease! :wink:

Maybe it could be connected to how much money you have – that way you enforce the idea before the graduation (and the kid’s college fund) that how much money you have left is important.


As long as we don’t shop smart…


Name’s Ash. Housewares.


Poll time for the store names:

  • Edgewick’s Emporium
  • Groceries R Us
  • Groce R Ease
  • Pie

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Some bugs I found:
My child’s mother is referred to as a he:

My child has higher individuality than popularity, and he still was the bully. Maybe it could be more nuanced- a lower popularity (less than 50, but more than 45) child had the option of bullying or receiving the same treatment as the victim?

Also, my kid picked on Avery when the childhood friend transferred early in life.
And when I chose to humiliate him, I showed the childhood video even though I didn’t get the scene in year 3.

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FINALLY someone gets it a book where it’s just normal & not over the top (not that I’m complaining.


I LOVE THIS BOOK UGH I JUST WANT MORE LIKE ASAP.:sob::revolving_hearts:FB_IMG_1550040374284


someday you will make a poll with pie or cake in it as a joke, and it will win…long live pie.


I’m working on exactly that! I must love y’all, because I have a shiny new copy of South Park The Fractured But Whole for the Switch still in its crinkly wrap, and I spent my birthday morning writing a goodly chunk of the commercial tryout instead. Hopefully a few more nights will finish that, and then only one more scene before year 13 will be ready for the world. By the way, welcome to my excitable new reader!

@Snowflower The magic number is 46. That or lower is bullied. Higher and they are the bully. As for the transfer scene, I can see it causes some confusion. If you never get it, I just operate under the assumption fname has always been at your kid’s school (as I am fairly sure there’s no time in the story I say otherwise, but if I am wrong please tell me so I can eradicate it). The reason you get Avery vs. fname as the bully/bullee (it really seems like this should be a legit term for a bully’s target, y’know) is based on potential strains on you and your kid’s relationship with the friend and his or her parents. If it’s strained it’s fname, if y’all are relatively OK it is Avery. I am giving opportunities to burn and/or mend bridges a lot in the mid-to-late game. Expect this to matter when it comes to finales, endings, achievements and so on.

@Drakeye Who’s to say it hasn’t happened already? I’ve been making online polls with that option longer than some of y’all have been using the big potty, I imagine. Probably dates back to around '03 or '04, working at a website that wanted to be a IGN killer back when that was actually a desirable prospect. I will be amused if it ever happens here, though. Probably been close before.

On a personal note, my father found out today during my little birthday bash that despite our best efforts at a hearing last month, his license was revoked. I have only talked about it on here a couple of times, but he had a traumatic brain injury known as a DAI last April that by all rights should have killed him. He made a miraculous recovery, has fought through brain swelling that left him incoherent, weeks without solid food because of a wired jaw, months having to have people with him, and through it all he has persevered. He’s in the top 1% of recoveries for this type of injury, and is essentially unchanged from before aside from getting drowsy easier and on very rare occasions having trouble coming up with a word for something. He also just went back to work in January, which has been great for him. He’s only 63, and the prospect of facing all those years without a license has been crushing him. I have told him we’re not giving up on this, and hopefully we can get him a lawyer to sort this out since it’s only a slight vision field issue that’s causing this. But I still would ask for prayers for him, just that he would be able to push through this and not lose hope.