Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 15 Complete, and Now Actually Accessible! Updated 4/9/19


In year 9.

…a dog, the best friend you could ever imagine.
[*set indy -1]
…a cat, a playful and affectionate ball of fur.
[*set indy +1]
…another sort of pet entirely.
[*set trad -1]

Why does choosing what pet the MC had in the past affect the child’s stats?


Who says these stats are for your child?


Do you mean the stats in stats screen or the stats I bracketed?

All the other times the stats influence the child’s personality. It seems weird for events in the past to affect the child’s stats, since the child wasn’t born when the MC had a pet.

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I was one of those kids who loved reading lmao. I never understood my classmates who hated reading, like how can you not love it?? Granted I am an artist so I may be biased but… still. Kids these days are so stuck to their screens and it’s sad… at least I use mine for reading :joy:

Also is there any plans to include and honors system for a more academic kid? I know the advanced reading kinda counts but (at least for NYC) we have special classes and honors that you can take if your grade is high enough. Especially for high school though because we have “specialized” high-schools that get extra funding from the state but are also more intensive academically. Will there be high schools like that in the game? Will you also include standardized tests that need to be passed in order for your child to graduate? Also, will there be a chance for your kid to graduate early?


Wait, I thought the stats were for the parent’s personality and parenting methods, which in turn influences the child’s personality? Or are certain stats for the parent and certain stats are for the child? :thinking:

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Advanced classes will become a potential thing at high school age (year 15). Standardized tests is a yes. Graduate early? Had not thought much about it, could be.

@expectedoperator is close to how I tend to interpret the stats, though I realize that the child pop/individ one muddles that a fair bit, as it is independent of the MC/parent relationship (kinda) and is directly a stat of the kid. For example, a MC who has a super high Sacrifice stat may still end up raising a very selfish child under certain circumstances; constantly putting the kid ahead of everything may make them think they are the center of the world and act accordingly.


I was actually curious what that stat meant fully. Have you considered adding a small glossary to ensure these definitions are clearly understood?

I wasn’t sure if that meant you sacrificing for your kid or something else.


Yeah, it was supposed to be you deciding between things that benefit you (Self) and things that benefit the kid or someone else (Sacrifice).

A glossary? I guess it could go in the stat screen as a subscreen.


Meh I would imagine taking bor kid to fancy schools would be a sacrifice?


Thanks for the clarification

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image I never thought that’d I would be saying this to my child but i love it lol


In year 10, in the rollercoaster scene.

In the part where you make {aname} go on the Mimi, I think there should be an option to tell {aname} that you sympathise with {ahim} being afraid of rollercoasters and that we will overcome the fear together.


I haven’t put it up in public yet, but I just finished the first of the three planned story scenes in Year 13, and it’s a doozy. The Follower is over 4,000 words all by its lonesome, so this year might end up being the first over the vaunted 10,000 mark unless I can make sure the other two don’t get quite so crazy. Structure for this year is there are two scenes that are related to previous scenes. If you didn’t have one of them or didn’t get the right outcome to proceed, it goes on to the next and then unlocks a third scene. If you are able to do both continuations, the third scene does not unlock. If you manage not to qualify for either continuation, you just get the third scene for this year and that’s it. This may sound confusing, but hopefully it will work out well enough.

Oh, I added *if choices to the Mimi scene to fit all three possible scenarios based on your MC’s past with that ride. Maybe that will help?


Say hustlertwo, if you don’t mind me suggesting this, but you know those extracurricular activities MC can have their child do? Like Gymnastics, E-Sports, and so on?

Any chance you can add Martial Arts as one of those options?

Admittingly I’m mainly asking because I did some playthroughs modeled after certain Dragon Ball OC’s I’ve been brainstorming, but i know there are some kids that learn martial arts in real life, I even learned some myself a long time ago from my dad (who did so partially in response to finding out my older half-brother was bullying me)


Hmmmm. Each one of those is a fair bit of work, considering how many scenes they influence both now and in the future. Plus, the way the variable goes is that a new athletic activity would require me to renumber 6 activities to fit it in and change an unknown amount of stat checks for text and such. That said, I could do with martial arts what I did with chess/esports and introduce it later as an offshoot from gymnastics. A lot less heavy lifting. And it is a very common kid activity (took a little karate myself, though the place I went was more concerned about making money than actual self-defense). I’m going to ponder on it. If I do, you can bet it will get a little extra bit added to the bullying section.

Oh, if anyone is interested in checking out my debut Choice title, the sci-fi comedy Nuclear Powered Toaster, it is on sale again until February 11 on Steam for $1.97 (or 34% off whatever it is in your local currency). After that it’s back to $2.99 like on all the other platforms. I would love a purchase or even a good review to keep my lonely one company. Think of it like a Patreon with only a one-time contribution and a much lengthier reward than most of those offer.

I honestly don’t like trying to sell things; I have literally left jobs over my discomfort for it. But the better NPT does on Steam, the better chance Quite App-Parent gets a release on the platform too. So while I promise not to be obnoxious about it, I do kinda have to mention it now and again to keep that hope alive.


my child was the best in the school and arrogant the same time… i lover her


So it’s something like this?

  1. get scene one - get scene two - don’t get scene three
  2. get scene one - don’t get scene two - get scene three
  3. don’t get scene one - get scene two - get scene three
  4. don’t get scene one - don’t get scene two - get scene three

That sounds like it’ll be fun and add more replayability for both the random route and the play-all-events route.


I hope so! It may be a format I use in other late game chapters. I just wish I could keep the scenes shorter.

FYI, I do not know yet what the third scene will be. But The Follower triggers if you saw your sister before (and didn’t burn your bridge with her) and the one I am doing now triggers if your kid starred in the play.


Year 13- Niece To Meet You Again


Okay, well, that’s way better. Every scene before now has been just one title, but in this case I think gender specific may be necessary. Niece to See You Again for girls, maybe Nephew Good Men for boys? Just spitballing. Other pun suggestions are welcome.