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Sweet :slight_smile:
I also remember one other wacky thing happening.
In year 11 when I was hosting the party apparently I was overly restrictive and what not and the kids got pissy, yet I only told them to stfu and “Reccomended” a midnight bed time, which in parent terms is the time where you should at least pretend to be asleep since some people have work in the morning.

Btw game is quite cute and a good time.


These always make me so curious.


“I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I can guess.” Hahaha, she sounds just like me, I love my daughter xD

I have been avoiding this wip and honestly, I wish I hadn’t! This is really cool! You kinda expect it to be way too light hearted because of the topic, but you made it pretty interesting to play. I’ve laughed out loud a couple of times. You really got it looking great! I’m looking forward to the next chapters!

Here are the obligatory small orthographical errors. Sorry, I’m kind of a nerd


On her way. It was pretty cool to be able to address this, too (as in, why I’m a single parent and such)
I may have got them mixed up, but I thought Leslie was my friend, and her daughter was Erica. Unless, of course, she is and ditched my daughter. How dare she


In year 12.

You raise an eyebrow. “What video

Add a question mark after the bolded word.

In the option: “I act like I’m sending it out to teach ${ahim} a lesson.”

"Kid, I don’t know any other way to be.

I feel this option defines the MC style of parenting too much.
There should be a kinder response for MC’s who aren’t as strict.

“Kid, just because I love you, doesn’t mean I can’t be strict.”


I am very happy how this WIP developed. It has become one of my favorite, but I am missing a bit of diversity when you can choose the other parent. Maybe add a choice for a gay couple?


i didnt expect this, but this wip makes me reflect about myself and how my parents raised me ihopemykidwontbecomelikeme i was just thinking, when will this game end? when the kid become a teenager? an adult?
also…i havent look at the code but does our kid always end up needing glasses? i choose the perfect sighted parent choice (is it because i let my kid play games too long? is it???)


The game will go through year 18, then graduation. I don’t know yet if graduation will also be the ending/epilogue, or if they will be two separate things (if the latter, expect graduation to be shorter than most chapters. If the former, graduation will likely be the longest chapter in the game). My goal is still to finish by the end of April if at all possible and submit it to have a good shot at a 2019 release, but I also don’t want to rush it. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Right now I would be just about 2/3 of the way through, which also implies a final word count around 130,000 (which is probably more like 145 the way CoG counts it).

There’s a randomness aspect to needing glasses, even if you have the random scene selector off. But since it’s predicated on already just having a 50% chance of hitting that scene, it does skew the odds toward needing the glasses. 75/25, I think?

I hit the 20,000 words for January yesterday! Huzzah! Announcements and such forthcoming soon.


Yay! Finally got some time to replay this yp!.. Sort of, only a bit, will finish it tonight :). Did find a couple of typos, though not sure if the later ones are actually typos. Year one:
"You watch the taillights through the window as Sharon departs. " *space between tail and lights

Not sure about these ones, but:
“13th Percentile” button to go to the next page, instead of a next button or what not.
"can think about is 13th percentile.

"13th percentile for this age. "
…Yeah not sure if those are typos or not, maybe it’s because I’m English, maybe it’s because I’m not a parent but I have no idea what a 13th percentile even is xd.


me, tearing up and feeling proud of my imaginary kid


In year 11.
In the Sleep Studies scene.

“I fixed a healthy dinner from scratch to insure our guests receive proper nutrition.”

Shouldn’t the above option give the MC cash as they are not buying any food for the party?


I mean. They ain’t making money from that? Unless you made the kids pay for food. You would be saving money but not making it.


He’s referring to the fact that the frozen pizza option does give you $40, because of the couple of parents who kicked in cash to pay for dinner. That’s not mentioned in the healthy dinner option, but it would make sense that if they’re dropping dough for one they’d do it for another.


it’s a confusing thing, even for Americans. But percentiles are sort of like percentages. For example, if you’re in the 13th percentile for weight it means 87% of people are heavier than you. Or if you tested in the 98th percentile for scientific aptitude, you’re higher than all but 2% of people.


Got to say, I did not expect to actually tear up playing a game about a fictional child. Probably the moment that made me love this game more than “really like” it was the rollercoaster scene. Considering I never had a father do for me what was done for Marcus, having him face his fears, that pushed me over the edge.

Great job. Great game. Looking forward to the finished product.


Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: , yeah pretty sure we just use BMIs here. Also when your child is 4 and your sister visits, found this typo "Lana gives you a wan smile. "She may " *warm

Also found a few gender pronoun errors, but I didn’t sleep well so…sorry, I’ll get them next time! Also I thought of a few choice suggestions, and remembered some of them :stuck_out_tongue: . So being an abusive/neglectant parent is off the table, but more choices to be a “just whatever” parent could be good. Like during the scene when your child is playing on the tablet for ages a choice like dude, I used to game loads when I was a kid, so no issue or something like that.

Or during the bullying scene maybe a choice like Meh, it wasn’t serious, just try not to do it again.
Or well at least you weren’t the one being bullied
or you barely did anything, it’s Laura’s fault for not sticking up for herself, and Tiffanny’s fault for not teaching Laura to do so.


In year 12. In the Origin Stories scene.

You need to hurry up and clean you room



Just curious, in-game, is your [child]* automatically a genius or is that based on choice?

Also in-game, I chose the option to get all experiences but when doing it randomized, some showed up that were not initially available
(Child’s first steps being the one that sticks out most but i do note that there were others)

*=edited text


This is a really fun idea mate :slight_smile:


The save system is broken. You need to put
*sm_init quiteappparent | 3 in the startup file.


Wan is actually a word. Sort of weak, uncertain. The smile of someone who isn’t actually all that happy.

@ChristandJackel It is based on choices. The Education/Athletics stat impacts this the most; it unlocks around year 5 or 6, though you influence it even before you can see it (which is true of Child Popularity/Individuality as well).

Huh, I knew some didn’t show and should probably make that apparent in that choice; some scenes are choice-based so even if randomization removed you still may not get there. I did not think first steps was one of them though (although baby sickness is), so that may be an error on my part.

@Bugreporter I know, I tried to put it in this morning and it locked up the demo I got sorted out by helpful sorts @Szaal and @Jumo_004 (as well as @Minnow and @liszante), and it should be good for me to fix it tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks @Eno_U I am glad you enjoyed it. Also glad you allowed me to presumably set the record for most people called out by @ in a single post.