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That’s kinda wierd man.


Well they are a quick examples. I am sure hustlertwo could come up a better way to express how the MC explains it to their child


Here’s the thing: in your examples, it still seems like the other biological parent would be whoever contributed the sperm or egg. Your partner would just be someone you were with that left before the child was born. So I don’t know why the child would care so much about seeing someone who is essentially just one of your seven evil exes instead of the person that is responsible for half of their genetic material.

That sounds like enough of a consensus that I need to take some bits of this scene’s intro back to the drawing board. Always knew it would be one of the tougher ones. Probably do it in a few days; my push for 20,000 would be jeopardized by the more precise and laborious process of rewriting.


It depends on how the other parent left (I.E. like how the you already address the hetero parent) and if that parent is the biological parent in the LGBT couple.

Like I said the scene just feels off and doesn’t exactly portray what you have wanted it to.

Sorry if it seems like I am harping on this subject; I just wanted to point out how this scene seems to exclude many who may love to read this story


If your significant other was the biological parent, it means you aren’t. I already have the adoption angle as a choice for non-biological kids, a path that makes no assumptions on player sexuality one way or the other, so it can work for everyone.

Ultimately, it’s a game about raising a child. It is not about romantic relationships, and if anyone comes in looking for that they will be severely disappointed no matter what options I put in this scene, because there’s just this, another scene in a couple years, and a short blurb in the epilogue.


So finally got around to giving this a try…

and…let me just say : WOW…its better then I expected .

I though…well…I though it would be like alter-ego . That game had a certain kind of population in mind…so when I played…it just…So many choices didnt fit me…at all .

it’s really good…as in…make you feel the ‘Parenting pain and misery but also joy’’ . There were moments my heart skipped and was proud of mah virtual daughter! and there were moments I wish I could go back and re-do my choice…cose…what if I was too harsh!! SHE COULD HATE MEH FOREVEH!!!

Must say…parenting is a terrifying concept . I’ve got cats and dogs and they are subtitue for real kids for me . And thats kinda similar…especially if you have them as baby…while the demo felt like…my kid was growing up too fast (I NEED MORE TIME WIH THE MUNCHKIN!)…in reality…for me at least…2 months feel like 2 years sometimes , especially when you are deprived of sleep…:rofl:

But every choice…was an anxiety filled one…and I think I made a good mama…that gambled on luck…that things will go well…to trust your kid and if it backfire…I be there to shoulder the bad…I guess .

So where is mah Medale for surving this far ? :joy:


I haven’t played year 11 and 12 yet but I’m excited too since the child will actually start to have something that resembles sentience! Not jab at your writing just a jab at kids. In general. I’m excited for when they get in a relationship so I can live out every dads dream…
Of scaring the ever loving SHIT out of your child’s partner if they are a boy and analysing every fucking move they make and noise they create if they are a girl to make sure they aren’t a bad influence that will convert your child to satanism.


What the parent is forced to feel after reading the note from school didn’t fit my game. Some parent characters would see the snitching as disgusting and the punishment of a week of detention as unfair for what the child character did.


I really enjoyed the update. The bully scene hit me right the feels… So good job. Also this is just a nick pick, but when you go to choose what pet you want, I chose the puppy, but it asks what size your puppy is, but technically the puppy won’t be their full size if you pick the bigger options since they are two months old. I hope this makes sense what I’m trying to say, but again this is more of a nick pick than anything else. Your doing an excellent job and I can’t wait to see what comes next


I believe last time I checked this wip was when chapter 4 or 5 was out, so glad to see the game growing up nicely :wink:

Not sure if it came up, but a little gender switcheroo seems to be in play



An interesting game for sure.


Hey, great update, though I faced a problem where one of the pages got stuck in loading even after 5 minutes.

Here’s the page I got stuck on.


Matteo! Nice name! That’s the end of it, it probably just gets hung up because it is processing through all the blank chapters of years 13-18 and Graduation.

@fisheye I have to admit, I did not anticipate anyone taking a pro-bullying stance.

Everyone else, thanks for your feedback and help! Glad to have some new or returning readers!


I don’t think Fisheye mean it that way…(or maybe they did lol) . I think they mean that the scene of the bullying kinda lacked choices . As in you couldnt play that foolish parent that go harass school…or other parents cose your special snowflake kid did nothing wrong . they are tha victim .

Some parents in that scene could see it that way ‘‘Well they are a snitch! who raise their kids to be a snitch anyway ? Now my kid is suspended and have to miss after school X activity because of it! and we are paying for that! See they are tha victim here! that kid should just buzz off and mind their own business. Let me tell you…this is the school fault…they have no policie against kid snitching like rats! as far as I’m concerned…that kid deserve it. They snitched and the others kids rataliate it. Ya know…kids gonna be kids…’’

etc etc etc…



Hey just out of curiosity but why is their never any mention of a spouse in this game?
Unless it has appeared in Chappy eleven or twelve.
Since it’s quite strange since at this rate ima just assume the kid came out of a robot that just births kids now and again, since I’m playing as a single dad.

If it was single mother it would make more sence, maybe you had a one night stand but like with being a single dad it’s a bit… strange.


It’s in Year 12, where the child asks about his origins.


Neat, I picked the divorce/they ran off option since some real life trauma is always what I love to put in my games .u.
Makes it tastier yknow?

I’m playing that bully part btw and it seems the options given are quite extreme.
There is
The second option about humiliating your own kid makes me want to call the police since my fucked up mind goes to some dark shit.
And the last option is some weak sauce soy boy dad shit where you just assume your kid gives a shit bout morals. (Oh shit that worked? Either my guys charisma is 100 or this kids top notch lad)
An option to just drag your kids ass to the kid or something to force them to apologise would be nice or maybe a more lenient grounding instead of assumedly sending them to the torture dungeon.


The amount of people here looking to humiliate their own kid for being bullied makes me quite uncomfortable.


To be fair, I think @LordNanachi is referring to the alternate version of the scene where your child is the bully, rather than the bullied. I will look about an option to force the apology, and thus resolve it at the penalty of ${ahis} freedom and popularity once the word gets out. And whether the option to give them a chance to resolve it themselves works is based on some stat checks; I don’t remember which ones specifically without my computer handy.


I picked the humiliation option because it was either that or go down super harsh or none at all. I picked the taste your own medicine choice. I said I was going to humiliate them and all but then didn’t actually send anything, just showed my kid what it felt like without real consequences to her social life. They apologized by the way

Edit: woops read your comment wrong sorry!