Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 13 Complete, Artist Found! Updated 2/22/19



Arg sorrydidn’t mean it hadn’t been already, but I’ve only played the yp twice so far, been too busy :’( , but I too have never failed potty training :slight_smile: .


In year 3, in the choice:
“You kidding? I love seeing Jennifer so passionate about something!”

She has as source of joy in her life



Update! Year Five has passed testing and been uploaded. Still took longer than I wanted, but at least it was quicker than last chapter. Also, it shatters the chapter length record at 7,224 words, despite having only three scenes.


In year 5, in the sickness scene.

"Adenoids? Wasn’t that an Atari game?

Missing double quote at the end of the sentence.

"I just don’t think it’s the right thing. I’d rather deal with a few small recoveries than one huge one.

Add a double quote at the end of the sentence.

Bug, in the WeView section.
In the choice: “Submission? The only thing I’m making today is a sandwich. This contest is a waste of time.”

You watch the chaos unfold from a distance, feeling satisfied that you made the right decision for both Jennifer and yourself by steering well clear of this contest. That satisfaction does dim a bit when you see the clips of the winners receiving their prize money, but overall it’s still better to watch a trainwreck than to be at the helm of the locomotive for it.

Your widespread exposure does come at a cost, though. Several people post rather nasty comments about you ‘exploiting a helpless child just to whore out for a chance at a little attention and a little money’. It stings a bit, since there is some truth to these barbs. But you wish you could live such a life of privilege that five grand qualified as just being a little money.

The cause of this bug is this code:

but overall it’s still better to watch a trainwreck than to be at the helm of the locomotive for it.
[*label vidcost]

The bracketed code should be: *goto notvid


Is Lana the new NPC?
Also, regarding the extracurriculars, is it possible for your kid to pick from the list of sports/brain development activities (ex. “You have to do a sport, but it can be basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or gymnastics. Which one do you want to do)?


@Bugreporter I think you know my code better than I do at this point. As always, a hearty thanks. I will try to fix it all this afternoon.

@Snowflower Lana is indeed the fixed-name NPC I was talking about earlier. As is her child; the name changes based on gender but is otherwise fixed.

If you let your child pick, it is assumed they are choosing from the full list of activities. There are several possibilities for which one they will choose based on some stat ranges (this scene being a large part of the reason the percentage of words per playthrough went so far down this chapter), so if you want to pick a specific one, you have to choose it yourself.

Fixes are done!



Small bug (Louis is referred to as ‘she’).


In year 5.

Of course, the illnesses do slow up over the years, and by the time !{aname} is a teenager {ahe} doesn’t seem to be any more prone to getting sick than anyone else. But you still occasionally recall all those terrible doctor visits from {ahis} youth, and wonder if it would have been worth it to bite the bullet and get !{aname}'s offending bits snipped out.

I think this text should be rewritten, unless you’re going to skip ahead several years.

I suggest re-writing it to:

Of course, the illnesses should slow up over time, hopefully by the time
!{aname} is a teenager {ahe} won’t be any more prone to getting sick than anyone else.


It keeps looping the sister coming to visit part over and over again, like after the scene where your sister leaves it just goes back to when she just arrived again. Is that where the demo ends or is that not supposed to happen?

I’m very much enjoying it by the way, I find myself constantly smiling while reading this :’)


Really? I don’t see where that would happen in the code. I will try to figure out what’s up. Thanks for reading!


So how old will the kid be by game’s end?

  1. The game will end with graduation and go through some epilogue scenes to show what happens for your child (and you).

That looks weird.


Will you be explaining why we’re a single parent?


First off let me start by saying i would definitely buy this game probably the best realistic game i have played second how old will this game go on will the baby grow into a full adult?


They already said until the child’s graduation at 18 plus an epilogue.

I’m looking forward to my engineer daughter who is a rocket scientist and loves heavy metal’s epilogue


Yes; that had come up a few times before, and while I had initially intended to leave it ambiguous, the overwhelming opinion was that people wanted to be able to explore this. There will be a mandatory scene dealing with it around year 12 or 13, and maybe some small mentions beforehand.

And hey, who better to like metal than an engineer, right?

@Gamerboy01, glad you’re enjoying it!



For events such as preschool/activities, if we don’t get the event, is it assumed that we didn’t choose to do preschool/activities?
Also is Lana a recurring character?


Yes. If it has impact on later years you would not have that impact. She is, in that if you had her first scene you get another one in seven years or so.


This game is going to be amazing when it finishes. Quick question. Will there be a determinant or randomized factor when our kid starts dating like if they’re concerned about their orientation or not?


Dating is more an if than a when at this point. Even if your kid does it you may not be involved, because most teenagers don’t exactly make their parents a big part of their romantic life.