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@hustlertwo During the scene where you and your child have a whole day to play, watch TV, stuff like that. (I’m not entirely sure which year it is, I think it’s Four, but I’m not sure). When you choose to go outside and play, there’s about the equipment that you have outside, and how that you couldn’t afford anything too elaborate. Shouldn’t this paragraph change according to which house you chose at the beginning of the game, because if you can afford a bigger house, you can probably afford better play equipment outside.


Well, if you have the big house from going rural, it’s because a big house is cheaper out in the sticks. You would be paying roughly the same amount as for a smaller house in the ‘burbs so the amount of money you had would not deviate. Even when I introduce the money mechanic I don’t think I will penalize or reward based on house choice.

@SuperNova I appreciate that, and don’t worry, there are plans to talk about the other parent in the early preteen times coming up.


I found something. I got the glasses scene in one of my playthroughs, and when I chose that my character had glasses, it didn’t give me the option where the MC says does she look weird with glasses, it’s greyed out. It only happens when I play as a female Sorry if someone already pointed this out.


No, hadn’t heard that one yet. I will check it out.


In year 4. In the preschool scene.

Some people do mention class size as a potential at this place as well, however.

I’m not sure what you mean here. :confused:


I’m betting the word issue is supposed to be after potential. In other words, I have a potential issue with not having ‘potential issue’.


Will you get specific scenes based on activity choices (ex. music performance, sports/quiz bowl/science olympiad team captaincy, etc.)?


If I can manage it without fragmenting becoming too crazy, yes. It’ll likely come in the teenage time.


Finished my 25,000 word push as a semi-NaNoWriMo! Word total has gone form around 32,900 to the mid-58,000 range, meaning this is roughly halfway done. I have bounced around a bit, so the next update will likely also be a double (I have more of year 10 done right now than 9) and be the largest yet, as each year will likely exceed 7,500 words or more. So you may or may not see it in December. I’m also including my checklist for December stuff to do, if I forgot anything I had mentioned previously (or if you think of anything you’d like I never talked about), let me know.

-Bug-busting and typo-eradicating.
-20-25 achievements added; the rest of them will come at the end (I love doing achievements. I want to make a game that’s just achievements, and you get a new one for every time you hit Next).
-Including the option for beta testers to see all random scenes each time through.
-Adding the money mechanic (this should be interesting, and will likely lead to slight text alterations throughout everything up to now)

I will still try to write some words this month, but likely a lot less.

Spotted a few pronoun errors:

Year six:

In the last couple of years, her love for all things digital has exploded, and it’s become his primary pastime.

You decide to stop fighting so much and just let her enjoy his hobby.

Year Eight:

Katelyn takes to the new reading class like a fish to water, and starts devouring more complex chapter books alongside his third grade brethren.

It should be her in all those instances.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but I absolutely love this WiP. Your humour is right up my alley (off-topic, but I still replay NPT to lighten up whenever I have a bad day!) and I always find myself smiling ear to ear while playing this :smile:


Hey, anyone who looks upon my flawed original effort with fondness is forever on topic in my book. I’ll look at those with the other items that have been reported. Thanks!


Are the money/achievements/options for randomized scenes already in the demo?
Edit: I misread. Sorry


No, this is a list of what I will be working on over the coming days. I will try to push them out before the actual update with years 10 and 11 though, just because those may take a long time.

I should point out the rest of this may take a while too. I have literally started work on none of it. November was all about words on the page.


In year 6.

Ms. Smith said I knew more vocaberlary



I got really embarrassed for a second until I remembered that was what the kid said. It’s a deliberate misspelling to show that they can’t really say that word yet.


A part of me is saying that you could reinforce it as a mistake Kid is making by having them take a couple tries to get the whole word out (“Ms. Smith said I knew more vocab…er—vocaberlary!”) or sounding it out (“Ms. Smith said I knew more vocab–er–lary…”). This would clearly mark, to readers, that the error is on Kid’s part, not yours.

But the rest of me is saying that if Kid is trying to brag about how many words they know, they may not want to admit trouble by sounding out this word! Blurting it out completely but incorrectly in a rush of false confidence seems pretty appropriate.


What @Minnow said sounds good to me.

Either the kid taking a couple goes to get the word out, or sounding it out sounds fine to me. @hustlertwo
How you’ve spelt the word makes it quite unclear whether the mistake is deliberate or not.


The hyphens sound good. I don’t have a lot of these moments where a word is deliberately misspelled, so I can se where they would not be immediately apparent.


In year 5.
In the option:
“The baby and ${fbhis} mama both need some sleep. I’ll just stay here for a while.”

But your arm is ready to move her over to the bassinet

The bolded word should be {fbhim}.


Random tidbit: the end of year segment where you choose what kind of birthday party to throw was the very first thing I wrote for this story when I cooked it up in August of 2017. I loved the idea enough that I almost abandoned Nuclear Powered Toaster and did this for the contest, but was afraid with the reduced timeframe it would be impossible to complete it in time. Considering I was already over 30,000 words in on NPT at that moment and still worked right up to January 30th, this was probably a smart choice. Even though I suspect Parenting would have done a bit better with the judges.