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I would like to have a guinea pig in the game. They are super adorable (:heart_eyes:) and live a long time if you take care of them (10+ years).


I like the small, medium, large, and being a specific breed idea, because personally I prefer that the pets get mentioned frequently in detail than having a lot of breed options and not having them mention that much with less details. Also can’t wait for achievements!


I suppose another possibility would be to still keep the small/med/large classification but offer a lot more breeds. I could still describe the dog in somewhat vague terms based on its size (‘a furry bullet the size of a small horse comes barreling down the hall to greet you when you come home’) and also have the name of the breed itself as a simple variable to include when it came up.

Okay, guinea pig was not one of the animal options, but it could be. I had rabbit to sort of fit the role of a long-lived furry critter that wasn’t running free like a dog or cat, but if y’all would rather see that role go to the noble guinea pig, it would work for me. Both kinda fit the same bill.


Because we love polls here.

  • Include the rabbit as a pet choice!
  • Include the guinea pig as a pet choice!
  • I don’t want either as a pet, but both are equally delicious!
  • Pie!

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If MC lives out in the countryside, isn’t it possible they have animals already, or that they could potentially get chickens/geese/pigs/horses? This could also lead to specific chores and responsibilities for the child. :slight_smile:


Will there be pet birds in the game?
Also, I feel like there should be a scene in year 8 for kids with middling abilities (meeting all milestones, but nothing remarkable).


In year 3, in the WeView scene.

After all, your child will be online herself one day (though not too soon, hopefully) and you don’t want them

The bolded word should be:



I have had the honour of being the first person to choose the pie option.


Oof that school scene hit home. I had to do extra reading and writing lessons. In fourth grade I was reading at a second grade level.


I suspect your reading is a lot more advanced now, because simply by being at a place like this you’re doing what so few Americans still do anymore: read for recreation. You’d be amazed how few crack a book, physical or digital, after leaving their high school’s hallowed halls.

@Snowflower I think the issue with a scene for the kids just doing the norm is there’s not much going on to talk about. As for birds, it wasn’t a plan but I think that could be arranged. I mean, if six animal choices, why not seven?

@Mim I mean, technically they could, but plenty of people in the country are not farmers. And I think that might lessen the impact of the pet scene if the kid has already been taking care of animals for years.


Yeah definitely, I’m in college now. But my fourth grade teacher turned my life around for the better (maybe too much because in middle school my best friend was a book. All the kids around me bullied me severely). I love reading, I’m ALWAYS reading. Whether it be this site, actual book, and for a short time fan fiction.


Just had two playthroughs with this one. I suggest you put a money stat for the MC just so they could keep track of their finances. After all raising a kid requires some cash.


Can definitely relate to that, I’m visually impared so can’t read as such, but creepy pastas are my best friends!..I do spend way more time listening to them than actually interacting with *spits next word out, people xd. Also why is this even a poll! :open_mouth: Rabbits are literally 999 centillion times cuter than guinea pigs, I mean cats have rabbit feet! xd. Also Limited breeds but more detail ftw! Amd would you even need three sizes for animals? Dogs are a lot more diverse both in breeds and size than say a cat, a rabbit etc.


Whoa, rabbit making a serious comeback in the poll. Up until today more people wanted to eat them than own them. Y’all gonna make me add an eighth animal, I can tell. And after I just moved everything around for dem birbs.

@Mari_Gold Duly noted! A money system was suggested about fifteen posts up as well, and I am definitely warming to the idea. Would potentially add it in a couple of weeks, likely when doing achievements.


In year 7, in the digital scene.

Truth be told, it’s still not a big deal for me. he isn’t exactly shooting up heroin or kicking puppies here.

The cause is the below code:


Should be:



In year 8.

Jennifer, no matter ho smart you are, bragging about it is always the wrong thing.



Is it possible, in this game, to have a child that actually thrives in the fifth grade lesson?
And also, can your kid be diagnosed with (or will the teacher believe they have) learning disabilities?


It is possible. It is not easy. You have to jack Education way up. Actually, I probably need some stat reports from y’all about where you are at during various points in the story and make sure things are balanced.

No learning disabilities as of yet. Not sure that would be in.


I pulled it off!



Awesome, thank you! I felt like I had given enough chances to pump Education high enough to do it.