Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 13 Complete, Artist Found! Updated 2/22/19



They easily could, although it is not certain they would notice. Nor is it certain that many kids would have both parents there.

I am still leaning toward saving all that for when the child is old enough for you to have a conversation with them about it.


In year 6.

gives you a quick hug and bounces toward the door, waving at his friends.

Change the bolded word to:



I’m human. I have weaknesses and character flaws. So I want y’all to forgive me when I say that I had one of those ego moments where I felt so high on my own cleverness that I put a choice into a scene solely because I cracked myself up with it, even if it may be just a smidge out of whack with the overall tone of this story. Kinda like my extended Beastie Boys riff in Nuclear Powered Toaster.

Don’t worry. You’ll know it if you see it (but to be clear, it’s not in the public demo yet). Especially since it will definitely be an achievement once I add those in.


So, I had hoped to get a new chapter done by now. But I didn’t.

I got two! My exhaustion and obsessive nature regarding my 25,000 word goal in November prove profitable for everyone else, and year 7 and year 8 are now live!


I would have played the new content as soon as you posted it, but I never actually scrolled down after seeing the first line of that post…


this isn’t much of a bug, but it is a continuity error.

Juan, went to Jefferson, and my child went to edgewick, but Robert, juan’s father is talking about how edgewick is so bad so hes going to move juan to my child’s school which is edgewick


Hmmm. He was supposed to go to Jefferson if you went to Edgewick. I’ll look at it.


In year 8, in the swimming scene.

$Your offspring is soon a reasonably competent swimmer,

Remove the dollar sign.


Everything should be fixed. I put the =2 and !=2 in switched up spots for the school thing.


In year 8.

Ms. Lee emits a nervous barking sound that might have been a chuckle, and seems to settle down a bit[,].

Remove the bracketed comma.



I really liked the new event in Year 6, but this time around I actually thought of something random. Have you ever thought about introducing a finances dynamic? It’s mentioned a few times throughout the game, but it never really has any effect. Like, MC says that they struggle with the tuition payments to Edgewick, but still has the option to throw a huge Gamepolooza party. I feel like financial difficulty is a huge factor on parenting that we don’t necessarily need to ignore, but again, I can see why introducing something like that may be kind of difficult to work with and may be unnecessarily restrictive.


i second this



Is the last paragraph supposed to change depending on your response to your child climbing the tree? I chose to give him a warning (instead of a blanket ban) and the last part seems a little harsh.

My kid goes to Edgewick, and the friend’s kid is transferring there. Should the third option be grayed out?
Also, I liked the new reference to the early interest.


Fuck yeah I’m getting a dog! I just adopted one in real life just yesterday!


Hi, I really love the new update and I’m all hyped up for the Doggo :heart_eyes:. The school scenes were amazing and I really liked the way you handled the dynamics with the best friend. But there’s a bit that bothers me and that’s the education/athletics stats because the cliche that smart people are unathletic and vise versa is so annoying. I think maybe you can make two separate stats out of them. And a different thing is that the Kid getting into sports by a random chance is in my opinion with the new education/athletics stats kind of, for a lack of a better word unfair :thinking:. But these are just my opinions so don’t feel forced to do any of that :+1:


Ah, I finally get to give you a bug report. That’s actually year 7. But it has been fixed and will be uploaded soon, thank you very much!

@Snowflower That was another spot where my brain flipped when to do = and !=. Fixed, will be uploaded soon. And yes, I did not rewrite the whole toy but in the allowance scene because of the amount of different words needed to go into detail for ten different interests, but I did agree that there needed to be some mention of the favorite thing in a scene about what the kid spends their money on. Thanks for suggesting it!
I also switched that option at the tree; it was tied into a stat check just like the rough warning, but I made it default to one of those choices that does seem more tonally appropriate.

I love all the feedback, y’all. I’m also excited about writing the pet segment, it was one of the earliest ones I had flagged as a mandatory. I’m also looking forward to how having the pet there may impact later scenes.

Regarding the money, I actually mentioned this to my wife a couple of weeks ago. Ever since introducing the school bit and having Edgewick as an option, I have wondered if it was something that should be open for everyone, or if you should have an actual money mechanic a la something like CCH where if you don’t have the dough, you don’t get to go. Up to this point, things that cost money mostly just drove down the Self stat, but that feels too simplistic.

I would likely not introduce it until December because it would distract from my writing goal, and I would definitely need some help from y’all balancing it. But it could add to the experience and make it more real. I mean, the option to just do overtime on the kid’s birthday might be more appealing if you actually get the tangible benefit from it that can help in other ways despite hurting your child by not giving them a party.

I really don’t intend to ditch the Education/Athletics stat, honestly. It is stereotypical, but in the late teen years it’s also going to be largely true. If your child wants to be a valedictorian (yes, it’ll be possible), they can’t spend all their time training for football. If they want to be an all-star right fielder, it’ll be hard if they’re saddled with a bunch of advanced class work every night. You can be good at both education and athletics, but for most people if they want to be great at one, the other has to suffer.

I did originally call this stat Brains and Brawn. I am definitely glad I dropped that.


I love the update it was so great, especially the video game scene. And I just want to thank you for putting all this time and effort into this, you’re doing an incredible job! And I can’t wait to possibly get a furry friend in year 9 :smile:


I think it would make it super immersive. It would also give more incentive for the WeNow event.


I really appreciate that. I’m glad this project has resonated with so many people, and I’m excited about where it is going. Especially because if I finish this 25,000 word challenge I have set for myself this month as a semi-NaNoWriMo, I’m going to give myself a treat and add in some achievements in December. Achievements were far and away my favorite thing about making NPT, and I am really looking forward to coming up with some good ones here.

I should point out: not all of the pets are furry. Currently I am planning six animal options, four of which would be ‘permanent pets’ that will remain in the game. The other two, thanks to their reduced lifespans, are more of something one gives a kid just to say that they gave them a pet, but which aren’t really pets that become members of the family or anything. Cheaper and easier, but not likely to hang around long after year 9.

How much customization are y’all hoping for with things like dogs and cats? I can do a lot of different breed and color options, but keeping in mind that the more there are, by necessity the less times I can go into detail about them as the story progresses. My initial impression, at least for the dog, was three: a small dog (probably dachshund), a medium dog (beagle), and a large dog (golden retriever). If I keep it at those levels I can mention them in detail frequently in the story, and ditto for cats at about the same number. But that may be too limiting.

@trevers17 That is one of the scenes that will be most impacted for sure. I may have to reduce the prize amount some, though. Your economy would be on a small enough scale that 5 Gs would be just too powerful.


PLEEEEEASE make pug an option. It’s my favorite breed. Or a Corgi.