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I chose preset all because it’ll make npcs more rememberable if their names are always the same for each playthrough and player…And also it’s the same npc each time right? But how can it be if their name is different? aEach time we play are we playing in a new universe which is why are choices can be different? But then why do the npcs always act and look the same? And…and my brain hurts and I’m being silly :stuck_out_tongue: . But being serious again for me npcs names beig different only works if you pick the npc’s name yourself.


I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but during Susan’s party I bought the expensive snake, yet the game said I regifted an old toy.

Love the game!


Even if all the npcs are the same can you say you are?


Tried playind the demo, but keep getting "

startup line 43: Non-existent variable ‘sicked’"




I’m such a dingleberry. Made the corrections from earlier, uploaded the files. Forgot I had already started the next chapter. So hey, very small bonus! If you’re lucky enough to roll it, that is.

It’s fixed.


Found this bug.


That’s not just a one off for one particular choice either. It worked for all of the choices at Lucas’s party.


Okay, this time I played through the whole thing on Dashingdon just to make sure it works. Now you should be good to go. As opposed to the three other times I said you were.


Well, the results of the poll have not necessarily been enlightening thus far. Opinions seem fairly split. Of course, I muddied the water a bit by including the Pie option. But it’s tradition, I say!

I will keep the random names on the friend and the friend’s parent for now (if only because the coding for it was a huge deal and I don’t want to delete it until I know for sure it’s gone for good), but to give a taste of the preset side of the coin, a couple of recurring characters introduced in this chapter will get presets.


I’m really digging this game, i think this and Oval Office are the most fun WIPs I’ve ever played.


Spelling error, in the option: “Jennifer is about to get the talking-to of her life!”

Ought ti get a good solid walllop for that sort of thing.


In the choice: “I will start a gradual stepdown of late night feedings.”

There’s still a fair amount of crying as the last feeding goes away, and not all of it comes from your chubby offspring

Add a full stop after the bolded word.


I really enjoyed the game, it brought me out of my forever-lurking status to actually leave a reply. And I’m commenting for no other reason than to invite others to laugh at my horrible luck :joy:

I received both the sinus infection and the 13th percentile paths in the first year. For a first time parent, I bet that these kinds of events would be extremely stressful. I’m so sorry, my baby boy, your mama has terrible luck.

I’m so glad this is a game :cold_sweat: My unborn children would not enjoy having me as a parent lol


First off, thanks so much to you and @Misterian for the kind words! And yes, that is a bad roll-up right there. Your virtual parent is gonna have some trauma to work out later in life.

@Bugreporter rocks faces. That is all I have to say about that. I will try to work on those fixes as soon as I can.

Been fighting a nasty respiratory virus all week, unfortunately at the same time as being on a work trip to get a certification (the test for which will start in a couple of hours). This did impact writing a fair bit, but I do have one scene in Y5 done, and a goodly chunk of a second. I definitely do not intend such a large gap between updates again.


In the WeView section, there are options to say that I don’t agree with Weview’s views, but I still have to submit a video to WeView.

Can you put in an option to not enter a video?


Maybe. Trying to avoid either making the scene really short for people or driving the words per playthrough down by adding another unique branch. That said, that chapter could use a bit of beefing up on the total word count front. This is as good a way as any.


You said that this game would not involve facing monsters or deciding the fate of mankind.
How ‘normal’ are the threats in this game? Are they easily dealt with such as in ‘Going, Going, Gone’? Bullies? Or will the parent encounter darker (but all too real) dangers?


A good question. I want this story to be a realistic depiction of life with a child for the most part. Which is why, despite the irreverent tone, I am not shying away from minor medical issues, bullying, and negative things like that which are still a fundamental part of being a parent.

Negative, but not truly dangerous. Your kid will not die. I mean, during the story. Presumably they do not live long enough to be cryofrozen like Philip J. Fry.

Will there be other mortal danger-seeming situations, at least? A couple. But I can tell you a few things that won’t be there:
-Kidnappers/predators: Going Going Gone was as close as I am getting to stranger danger. Partly because it’s not like parents choose for kids to get abducted so it doesn’t really fit for a Choice story, partly because it’s too dark.
-Suicide: Sure, it’s painless. And it brings on many changes. But I can take or leave it as I please.

Someone’s going to look this up and it’s gonna blow their mind that this song actually had words to it. My job for the day is done! I should say it might come up with a classmate or something. But your kid isn’t attempting it, no matter how badly you warp their fragile psyche. Because it would be soooooo weird to have an event as morbid as your kid trying to bump themselves off and then going to the next scene where they’re, like, going on a band trip.
Brief interlude of total seriousness: suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you ever consider it seriously, please get help.
Rape/sexual assault: I don’t think this needs to be explained. Especially since I am hoping for a full family rating on this game on Apple.

Probably some others, but that’s what comes to mind.


Not that I want suicide in the game, but with regards to your example are random events/events in general not affected by previous events then? :frowning: . Sticking with your example, they might not be able to go on the band trip because they’re ill, pregnant etc. And our child can’t die, but will there be a chance they can run away(if just temporarily) or taken into care? Not even thinking of abuse here, thinking more for them taken into care, if they keep getting into trouble and we don’t deal with it.


Events have already been influenced by previous events. The sickness scene as a baby is only somewhat random in when it pops. Choices in potty training could bring you to having to redo it the next year. Plus several other times where unique text came in based on what you’ve done. Interconnectivity and causality are going to be big in this game, and some scenes won’t even be reachable unless you did certain things in the past. To say nothing of the impact on endings.

Running away could well be included, but not the kind where rhey’re gone long enough to hit the milk carton or anything. Pregnancy is unlikely.