Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 12 Complete! Updated 1/27/19. Artist Wanted, Details in Post 547!



Heh, pretty much. Though as little as I think of my writing ability, I feel like I should at least be able to clear that bar. I stopped watching long before the end, but by all accounts it had one of the most reviled series finales of this millennium, or possibly ever.


Oh, to answer the earlier question about extracurriculars, they won’t be able to lie to you. Pretty much any such activity requires parents to pay for something at some point, so it would make it tough to fake out a parent on what you are in. Not impossible, but difficult.

Question: do y’all think it is confusing that I number the years rather than titling each chapter according to the actual age of the child? As in, I am working on year 4 right now, but your child is age 3 during it.


No, I do not find it very confusing. I actually quite like it for this game, as it fits quite well.


I think it would make it easier to work with this way - so no.

You can always go back and make changes with simple search and replace commands later. Formatting is always something I leave until last just because there is so many changes made during development.


A COG like that could be Legend… wait for it…


My mum reminded me of this the other day, and I instantly thought of this thread… So for all the parents out there, this one is for you.

Warning… contains the F word… like in every sentence



I am the proud parent of Naruto Uzumaki giving him the closure and childhood he always wanted
No regrets


Can we be a tiger mom/dad?


Essentially yes. Probably not using those words though.


I absolutely love what you’re doing here. Its nothing like any other COG out there. Keep doing what you’re doing and hopefully we will get to read the final version.


Technically we’re all still waiting. Even if we already know the end of it is milk-related.

And thanks for the support, Zahid! Despite vacation, lack of opportunity and a party scene that bogged me down for some time, year 4 is nearing completion. Hopefully I will have an update in a week or so.


Year Four is up! New scenes are: Just Playin’ Around, Premature Education, It’s Not (His/Her) Party. (He/She) Will Cry Anyhow, and The Battle for Bathroom Supremacy II: Flush Harder. All randomized, except that last which only pops up if you either failed potty training in Year Three or chose to delay it.


In the game, how do you fail potty training?


The non-spoilery answer is that one of the options in Year Three does a stat check.

The spoilery answer is it’s the peer pressure choice. If your kid has high Independence they resist your efforts.



In year 4, in the scene “It’s Not !{ahis} Party. !{ahe}'ll Cry Anyhow.”

“Whose party is this, $!{aname}”

Add a question mark at the end of the sentence.

Of course, a child’s attention span is not vast, and an hour or two after you get back home it’sdry

Add a space between the bolded words.


Thanks as always, Bug.

That scene title doesn’t actually show that way, does it?


No, the scene title shows correctly in game. I was just looking through the code, and copied that scene title code to save going through the game, to find that scene.


You cute little showoff, you.

Guys, I looked at Bugreporter’s profile and he has only gotten like 1/10 as many likes as he has received. I would request that y’all help adjust that balance a tad and like all of his extremely helpful responses pointing out typos and snafus in this or any other story thread. It’s this kind of stuff that helps deliver a polished final product, because no one person can possibly see it all in their lonesome. The value of bug reports or feedback (positive or negative, it’s all helpful) cannot be overstated.


It’s your decision, but I’d prefer if the MC’s friend and the friend’s child had the same names each time, as it’s more realistic. :slight_smile:

In this option: “I take $!{aname} to the periphery of the group to play together quietly.”

Shouldn’t this give a boost to closeness?


Well, that’s a good point to ponder. Especially since Year Five introduces another NPC and I had been pondering whether to randomize or not. I think it merits a poll, which is great as I love polls.

  • Randomize the friend and child name and other NPCs!
  • Randomize the friend and child, but no one else!
  • Preset names all around!
  • Pie!

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