Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 12 Complete! Updated 1/27/19. Artist Wanted, Details in Post 547!



Here are a few typos for you, friend. Gender pronoun errors are hard to catch.


Whoa, looks like I accidentally uploaded a bit of the pet chapter in progress at some point. I guess the cat’s out of the bag, pun intended. I’ll work on the issues mentioned by you and @Bugreporter. Thanks to both of you!


Haven’t played this yp in a while tbh, but will find some time to do so! But can our child be bullied in school? Bully others? Both? Also can our child develop mental health issues, even if just minor? E.G anxiety, depression, especially if issues such as bullying aren’t resolved well? I’d find that interesting on a personal level, because I don’t know about the US, but when I was in school support, not just for mental health but in general was pretty much none existent. If it was there it did a piss poor job of advertising itself. Oh and also will prom be in this game? Will our child definitely have a date or not? Oh and will our child be able to get a teen job? E.G paper boy/girl. Sorry for all the questions, I intended just to enquire about mental health issues, but well then my mind was flooded with thoughts :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hey, glad you’re checking it out again. Bully or be bullied? Yes to both, though not both in the same playthrough (probably). Mental issues? I hadn’t thought about it, to be honest. I’m not sure how likely that would be, but it’s not off the table. Dating and prom are iffy; as a parent your role in this would be a little uninteresting, more than likely. And sexual content of any sort would screw my chance at getting this the most family-friendly rating possible (pun intended). Teen job is a definite yes.


Well, it’s still the kid’s fourth year. Even if they are only three. That’s why the chapters are numbered the way they are.


This phrase is arguably one of the best quirks of this forum. (Besides the 20 character limit).


Oh, Oliver. Don’t withdraw your post. Every effort you make toward improving this story is appreciated, no matter what. You’re so good at this I hope you get a job doing something like this someday. Always wanted to copy edit myself. Tough field to break into though.


If we don’t choose one of the names from the list for our child they don’t get a nickname. Can you add option to input a nickname?


Dang, I thought I had back when I put up year 7.

OK, just checked. I have it as showing up right after the input name option, where it says “And if $!{aname} would ever go by a nickname, what would it be?” or something like that. Is that showing?


Yeah, the option is showing up. :slight_smile:


Good deal. You are right that it’s a new inclusion. I didn’t add it until I wrote the bit where the nicknames come up. I was going to have classmates just give your kid a random nickname, but realistically kindergarteners don’t really do that most of the time. And when they do it’s not something…pleasant.


I think the preschool scene should be mandatory. I feels weird getting the “Part of you regrets that you never had ${aname} go to an actual preschool” text, when the Preschool scene isn’t always available.


Might be a good idea. This one and the first activity one would be the two early scenes most likely to merit mandatoriness. At the same time, I don’t want to overuse forcing a scene, both because it reduces the random feel and it lessens the importance of scenes that are made mandatory. Hmmm.

Let me think about it. Leaning toward yes.


I second this.


Would y’all say it should even over the first activity, if only one could be?


If only one scene could be mandatory, I’d prefer the preschool scene.


I wonder if the solution is to de-mandatory potty training. Make it so you only sometimes get it in year 3 based on the die roller and it pops in 4 if not. Some wording would need to be altered but it could work out.


I personally think that year 3 potty training should not be demoted, as it might potentially lead to 2 mandatory scenes in one chapter (preschool + toilet training in chapter 4).


Dang. You’re right.


Maybe this is just a preference? But I kind of would like to get all of the scenes instead of random selections. I don’t know if the scenes you get are based on your choices or if they’re random, but for some reason I always seem to get the same scenes.