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@Pumpkaboo Glad you like the story! Quick answer: no.

@Phoenix_Wolf I must admit it is just a title, not an indicator I am doing a scene about them. As you know much better than I could, there’s not much point in a scene with actual growing pains because you can’t choose to do much about them. It is what it is.

@Bugreporter Thanks as always! Will fix later.


In year 6. Under the label: eyeshaveit

Once you arrive at the eye doctor, $!{aname} begins to protest and show a level of resistance that normally only come sup


she gives you a quick hug and bounces toward the door

Capitalise the start of the sentence.

["]“I will, Daddy. Have fun at work! Bye-bye!”

Remove the bracketed double quote.


There is a small bug here (…while you may have have named…).


During the “mad money” segment, would it be a good idea for the toy that the child wants to be related to their early interests (ex. Barbie playsets, superhero action figures, etc.) if the interest stays?
If the player didn’t get the scene/ quashed the early interest, then the toy would probably be the snotty dog.
I personally think that it would be a cool little Easter egg.


A great idea! I think I will work on that tonight or tomorrow.

You know something, Jon Snow. And don’t let anyone tell you different.


Small bug (Edgewick Academy is referred to as Edgewick school).


In year 1. Choosing: “I bundle up my baby and head to the ER, stat!” And: “We’re in this for the long haul. Someone is examining my baby tonight or else!”

and make sure you use lots of acetaminophen

Baby Tylenol


I dunno, am I the only one who refers to medicine by the generic name? Maybe others are not as cheap as me and actually get the name brands.


I think it might be a reference error? Because I’m 10% sure in the choice before you reference it as “Baby Tylenol.”


In this case, referring to medicine by the generic name is better - Tylenol is a name brand and I would stay away from using brand names when possible.

I doubt Johnson and Johnson would be upset with you using their brand but why even go there if you don’t need to.


Just adding to that, brand names are not always the same in the US as the are overseas. Although I’m aware of what Tylenol is for some reason (must have heard it somewhere), we don’t have it here. Other people may have no idea what you’re on about. (Although be careful with what you choose to use. For example most people know what aspirin is, but would look at you blankly if you said acetylsalicylic acid.)


You call it Baby Tylenol everywhere else, though. Tylenol is more recognisable. Mentioning brands is fair use, anyway.


Except if you live outside of the US where it isn’t sold. IMO Panadol (if you have that there) or paracetamol is more recognisable from an international standpoint unless you make sure to explain what it is.

(I’ve come to realise this is an issue after no one knew what an Esky was :slight_smile: )


I do remember I changed some to baby Tylenol a couple months back when Bugreporter previously raised this issue. It’s a tough call, as any option leaves people out in the cold. Call it Tylenol and Americans all get it but foreigners might not. Call it by the scientific name and lots of people may not know it. The ideal solution would just be to call it baby aspirin, but ironically baby aspirin is not meant for actual babies. It’s primarily for people with circulatory issues (though take it with caution; my father took it to ward off heart attacks, but when he received his brain injury in April the bleeding was worse specifically because it was doing its job and improving his circulation).


Oh, I just realised you guys call paracetamol acetaminophen. Around here, most people know the drug name as since some generics are sold as paracetamol, but that dosen’t help you if the US is calling the drug something completely different for some reason.

Just use What ever you want and make it clear what it is the first time you use it. (ie: Are there any painkillers in the house? Yes I think there’s some Tylenol in the bathroom cupboard.) I’m pretty sure there can be issues with using brand names in stories (I’ve heard of cases where they’ve been asked to remove the reference), but chances Tylenol is going to get upset are probably pretty slim unless you’re making it out to be harmful. Up to you though :slight_smile:


I’d just leave it as is. If you don’t know what the medicine is a Google search clears it up.
In year 2.

You hold your head high and plop the squallling Jennifer


Edit 2
Are we going to see the niece again?


Depending on your choices, yes. Though not for several ‘years’. It’s probably a preteen/teen scene.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I know that acetaminophen is Tylenol/many other brand-name medicines. Though, I am a stage manager and have researched the affects of too much acetaminophen too many times.


So I tried the demo by combining my childhood experience and how my uncle takes care of my toddler cousin…Yeah, no wonder some of my friends don’t want to have a child in the near future, it’s hard.

Now I feels guilty for what I’ve done to my parents when I was a kid…


@hustlertwo Since the MC is a single parent, shouldn’t your child make a comment about some of the other children having two parents on their first day at school?