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In year 5, in the niece scene.
In the choice:
“The baby and ${fbhis} mama both need some sleep. I’ll just stay here.”

It’s a wonderful, cozy feeling to have a baby’s lead laying on your shoulder as you rock back and forth.



I promise, even though you do not see the fixes they are happening. Every post prior to this one has been addressed on my end and the fixes will reflect when I upload the next chapter. Which hopefully won’t be too long. I did slow down to promote Nuclear Powered Toaster (which is available for $1.99 or something close to that if you’re foreign, check it out on iOS, Google Play, Steam and Amazon today!) but I am finished with the school scene and just barely started on the allowance one. A little over 2.5k words so far. Probably another week or two out before the update.


Hey, the head of a baby can sometimes feel like lead.


In year two.

Jennifer is by your side as you grab a shopping cart near the entrance, but when you go to scoop her up and put him

The bolded word should be:



I think we can officially say your name will come first in the TPS credits for people being thanked. Although I intend to dedicate it to my wife, since I dedicated NPT to my father.


Thank you! :grin:


the first and last thanks should always go to your S.O, or your Guardian if you were close.


Will our child be able to do multiple extracurriculars? If so, when will the second one pop up?


Yes, and maybe 9-10. You probably will get the choice to add another or double down on the first.


What about quitting the first extracurricular and/or doubling down on the second one?


Most likely, yes.


Okay, I went to change this one but it looks like it already is. I retyped it just in case the bracket is screwy or something. Perhaps it was mentioned above, or I just found it on my own or something. Either way, it’s good now and will show with the next update.


By any chance, are we going to meet our significant other at any point of the story? You know, the person we had the baby with in the first place.


It’s been asked a lot and I normally say no. But you know, I am rethinking some things about this project in the wake of criticism about Nuclear Powered Toaster and I do wonder if, depending on the outcome of the scene where you discuss the other parent with your child, there would be one to meet them (or, if you decided they were deceased, to visit their grave).

Also, I think it is time for another poll. I am wondering if choosing scenes is better than randomizing. Many are mandatory or will be determined by previous event results or stats. But some, especially early on, are just the roll of virtual dice. I had not wanted people to choose, because the idea was for scenes to be a mix of both positive and negative situations, but who would choose to deal with an underweight baby or party tantrums? Still, I need to be sensitive to this being a storytelling format where options are king. Should I make some or all of the randomizes scenes choosable from a list?

  • Random scenes! We like the surprise factor.
  • Chosen scenes! It’s a dang Choice game after all.
  • Bit of both! Variety is the spice of life.
  • Pie! It’s a crusty, delicious dessert.

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I know someone else asked you this question, but i really like this idea.


I personally feel that a mix is the best way to go, with certain chapters being more random than others.
In my opinion, years 0-2 should be completely random (and therefore be unchanged), as the parent is still getting used to the new responsibility.
Years 3-13 seem to contain many of the variables that will be explored in the later years. Therefore, I think that the player should be able to choose one scene per year, with the other one randomized or (if the year contains a mandatory scene) mandatory.
Years 14-18 seem to contain the scenes that are only accessible by earlier choices, therefore the scenes seen would mostly be those. There might be some variables set here, but these years are basically the payoff on your earlier choices (in the scope of the game).

This is just my $0.02, though.


Update ahoy!


Hi, I just read the description and the game seems very interesting and unique so far. Looking forward to seeing this game develop in the future!

Quick question: Are there any ROs?


Was the next chapter growing pains? I had the WORST growing pains when I was little, like ibuprofen could’ve been my best friend. 6-12ish were horrible but stopped frowning in the 8th grade.


In year 6.
In the scene “Mad Money”.

“Sounds good, $!{mama}”

Add a full stop at the end of the sentence.