Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 11 Complete! Updated 1/15/19



You’ll want to go for any option that seems remotely educational in any way, and also choose the private schools.


Forgot to address all this. First off, thanks for the kind words! Also, I am looking forward to seeing your story release later this month. I imagine the commas are screwed because some of this was written in Google Docs and pasted over. I will try to correct any ones that I see, but searching them out could be just about impossible. And yes, dad jokes are what I’m all about. They were even before I became an actual dad; I suppose I was just getting my material honed for when I really needed it.

Also, @Eiwynn, I am still intrigued by your cryptic comment a few posts above about coming full circle. Was this in regards to providing some closure to the single parent situation? Inquiring minds want to know!

Oh, and updated. Complete with self-serving linkification in the top post.


Bug in year 10.

When !{aname} was a toddler who had no organized activities beyond the weekly library time with {ahis} little friend $!{aname},

The bolded text should be:



Bug found


bug in year 6

year6 : line 285 non-exsistent Variable “ahs”


It was more about the development cycle and the points of concern you were addressing. At the point I made the remark, I felt you were starting to begin another pass at material you had already addressed, not for editing or low level concerns like grammar but in a high level conceptual approach.

This is something I did not see in your contest entry (most likely due to time constraints) so I felt noting this milestone was important :slight_smile:

I was also hoping you’d figure it out on your own :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just my weird way of acknowledging your growth as a game designer … your growth as an author is mostly covered by everyone else :slight_smile:



In year 6.
In the mad money scene.

!{aname} gets {ahis} own money to spend at ${ahs} birthday

The bolded code should be:


Consistency error, with the cost of the snotty dog.

At the beginning of the scene the dog costs 30$.

spending thirty dollars on a toy dog

But if the MC buys the dog, the money deducted is 50$.

Cost: $49.99.
Although if you could put a price on it, it honestly might not be as high as $49.99.

$!{ahis} eyes almost bug out when you tell him

The bolded word should be:



So what y’all are saying is that year 6, line 285 is totally fine and has no errors at all?




If you want to be generous you could call it that.


Hi, I played through the demo the moment I found out about the update, but the game froze on me at this point:


did you get this error

but @hustlertwo yes year 6 line 285 is perfectly fine

Pronoun Error

Missing word

The game cut off here


Yeah, I got that error.

I played it again and just got the same error.


Guys, you’re not gonna believe this. Did you realize there was a messed up ahis variable on line 285 of year 6? Apparently it was screwing things up. I kinda wish someone had pointed it out for me, but no matter. It’s fixed now.


really I had no idea


Ran into another error. Here it is;


@hustlertwo Line 285 of Year 6 is going to be your 24601. :laughing:

Minor things I saw this time around:


"Please, call me !{firstname}. I'm willing to get !{aname} back in line, as long as it’s done in a fair and gentle fashion.
Needs a quotation mark at the end.

Just a thought: since there’s an achievement for the play, should there be an achievement for going to the theme park? I feel like that’d help balance it out more.

Finally, this line (and again, this is just a thought):
Over half of ${ahis} childhood is gone, believe it or not.
I feel like putting the “believe it or not” first, and then ending with “over half of his childhood is gone”, would give the sentence more “gravitas” since you’d be ending the scene/year with a definite thought (that half the story is over) – ending with “believe it or not” makes it more indecisive and flat.

Looking forward to year 11. :relaxed:


Year 11 doesn’t seem to want to load. I don’t know if that’s because of the code malfunctioning or if it’s not finished yet.


It’s fixed.