Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 11 Complete! Updated 1/15/19



Possibly, but I played through it twice on random, and with all scenes and it got a long loading screen both times maybe its a scene error?


I feel like there is a bug here.
Also, do you think getting your kid on par with 5th graders as a second grader is achievement-worthy?


Ooooh, I had not considered it, but that’s a perfect achievement spot. Kinda like winning the spaceship staring contest in NPT, it requires high stats to pass so a commemoration seems in order.

And that is indeed a Buck-up on my part. The small part path mixed up into the starring role path.


I chose the non random path


All the loading screens went by quickly for me – I went through the random path as usual.

I liked all the pet options – this time around I chose the kitten, but I think next time I’ll just choose the lazy cat since the kid wanted to play with the kitten but not clean up after it. :laughing:

I also liked the play, although I got the same bug that bugreporter already mentioned.

Here’s a few typos I noticed:


“No, NO!” That is DANGEROUS, Joshua! You could have gotten HURT!"
There shouldn’t be a quotation mark after the second no.

I wanted to see what you thought about the situation before it eventually escalates to a point where he may end up with disciplinary ramifications.
I think there should be a quotation mark at the end of this sentence.

Well, I did sorta pick out the cat. And pay for her. And also spend most of the last decade raising Joshua. So I think I’m entitled to some say in our pet’s name.
“Spend” should be “spent”.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next. :relaxed:


More typo fixes from y’all, as well as a fix for the play (just forgot a goto). But I don’t know what is causing the loading time issue. It didn’t happen when I played through year 4 locally on CSIDE, so I will try again later on Dashingdon. If anyone else sees it, let me know.


In year 10, in the rollercoaster scene.

I think there is an option missing in this scene. There should be a choice to talk about the child’s feelings without making them go on a rollercoaster.

It should be this option:
“We’re not going anywhere until you’re honest with me about what’s bothering you.”

The above choice will give the same text as the: “Hold up there; I think we need to talk for a minute. I don’t want you to miss out on all the fun your friends are having.” Option.


The “Pet” usage occurred in the screen after finishing the adoption application, I think.


I named my kid Samuel, and the”Seems Familiar” achievement triggered in the “Getting to know you” scene.

I think that’s a bug.

Also, on my end, the slow Dashingdon loading times were caused by spotty WiFi.


No, no bug. The friend’s parent can also trigger it if the 1d6 for the name roller comes up with a 3. That means Latasha for a woman or Elgin for a man, both of whom are also NPT character names.

Good to know about the loads. I could not replicate it on Dashingdon either, and see nothing wrong with the code around the end of year 4 that would trigger this. Still seems odd, but so far no leads.

@trevers17 Ah, I’ll take a look at that spot.

@Bugreporter Probably a good idea to soften that option a smidge. Less about peer pressure, more about being in tune with ${aname}.


In the rollercoaster scene, there needs to be a set cash -100 at the start of the scene.


I found a bug. This happened when I picked the sports option in year 10 and I chose the Football option


Ack! That’s because that was supposed to be gated off. The activity section is extremely unfinished and not ready to be a prime time player. It snuck in there when I was uploading typo fixes.


Missing period (between adorable and you’re).


I really like this game, but when I was playing thru it again as the ultimate helicopter parent (lol), I realized that the “option” to leave the park isn’t really an choice. As soon as you try to leave, you’re
still stopped by the other parent and the “friendship” happens anyway. Feels a little forced imho. Will there be an option to refuse this friendship in the future?


Glad you like it; as for the other parent, because they are such a big part of the game it would create a real gap if you didn’t meet up with them. Aside from being referenced constantly, there’s some events in the next year or two that will be heavily reliant on your relationship with them. So while I don’t normally like to railroad, in this case I did make it an ‘All aboard!’ moment, because otherwise I’d have to make literally a couple hundred instances of a variable to say whether you had this friend or not.


So, I went into this with an open mind and picked choices that I have had to make with my own kid through the years. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the child’s reactions felt “real.” As in, I know my own kid had similar reactions, or has problems focusing (moreso in my case.)

One thing that felt off for me was the lack of a spouse/partner, etc. I think that is coming from the fact that I cannot imagine trying to raise my kiddo without help and also that the title is not, “Single Parent Simulator.”

It would give a more constant adult to talk to, something mentioned as a want within the story. It would also provide another foil to Elgin, or an actual sibling to have instead of a “fur baby.”

Also, even if I was playing single parent simulator, daddy might want to get back out on the dating market and the child might have to come to terms with daddy taking time for himself.

Just some thoughts.


totally agree with that it will be intresting to see how a child reacts having another person in your life type relationship between them if ur potential partner have his/her own child how its going work out between them


Certainly glad to hear it passed the sniff test from another parent as far as feeling somewhat realistic. I know that others have asked me about incorporating dating into the story, or the option to introduce another parent. And I did get a lesson in ignoring the opinions of my readers when Nuclear Powered Toaster was torched for its set protagonists. But what you describe is more what I have in mind for the follow up, which I usually think of with the working title Family Matters (it would not be released under that, for obvious reasons). Multiple kids, a spouse, balancing attention to everyone and interpersonal dynamics, weighing what you think is best for the kid or kids compared to what he or she thinks is best. But those dynamics deserve their own game. If I shoehorn romance or family member juggling into this one I just feel like I dilute it. I want this to give the maximum amount of choice and focus toward you alone raising a child, molding and shaping them.

Not to mention, adding all that would likely double the word length on this one. My hope (and I may regret saying this out loud, but screw it, I need the kick in the pants) is to finish by the end of March and submit it shortly thereafter. This should give it a decent chance at a late 2019 or early 2020 release.


Line break between “back” and “with”