Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Year 11 Complete! Updated 1/15/19



Thanks, Megs! I’ll add it to the list.


I’ve replayed this a couple times, and it’s always fun no matter which choice I make. I really like the randomness of the scenes – I think it makes it very replayable with each playthrough unique.

A few typos I saw:


I pick it up and immediately say “If Joshua took his first steps, I don’t want to know.”
There should be a comma after “say”.

You casually answer the phone, and are told exactly what you expected: that Joshua has no officially taken his wobbly first steps while you were away.
“No” should be “now”.

He yawns loudly, rolls over, and mumbles “All.”
I think there should be a comma after “mumbles”.

She’s out the door before you can respond, so you look at the scrunched-up face of your nephew and say “I guess we’re doing this, then?”
Comma after “say”.

When you get Joshua out, Lana slips into the room behind you and looks in on Louis Seeing the baby still snoozing away, your sister visibly relaxes.
There should be a period after “Louis”.

When the baby does wake up, I want you to go in and apologize first thing.
There should be quotation marks at the end of the sentence.

As you tuck your exhausted little scholar in, he asks "How long until I am done with school, Mommy?
Comma after “asks”.

Then he simply shrugs and says “Sounds good, Mommy.”
Comma after “says”.

he gives you a quick hug and bounces toward the door, waving at his friends.
“he” should be capitalized.

One more year in Joshua’s life (and yours ) has come and gone.
The space between “yours” and the parentheses should be removed.

Looking forward to choosing a pet! :dog::cat:


Very helpful list, thanks so much!

Oh, lots of updated stuff. See the top for details.


This is what my cat is in real life, and this is what I would picture him as in-game.

Also, a quick typo report.

Lucas gets another lesson i the value of hard work.
Shouldn’t this say ‘in’?


Likely it should be, yes. I’ll work on a typo update later today or tomorrow for anything y’all find.

Cute kitty! Looks young; is it still a baby, or just a small-looking breed?


great update love the pet choices year 10 didnt load for me but still happy for the year 9 update keep up the good work


It didn’t? Hmm. I will check that too.

I should point out Year 10 is only half-done, and that half is the second half, so you don’t get a year 10 pagebreak or anything. It starts when you pick between the play and the theme park.


oh ok so it stops when you get to the placeholder ok all good then my bad


I found a bug when picking an animal, I choose to involve the kid in what pet we were buying, I chose to buy a snake, but then it said we didn’t buy a pet


That was him as a kitten, but at three years hold, he hasn’t grown much! Breed unknown.


Yay! The update released right after finals finished!
Also I found a small bug:


In year 9.

$!{aname} looks at you, s processing everything that has just happened.

Remove the bolded letter.

You opt to leave that field blank on the adoption paperwork for now and ;et


$!{aname} gets another lesson i the value


In year 10.

And since you’ve been taking care of $!{aname} for eight years now,

Nine years.


In year 2.

Ever since Erica turned one, so about six months ago.
A quick calculation shows that your new acquaintance’s child is just a few months older than Jennifer.

The bolded section should be: six months older.

In the potty training scene, I think the choice: “I sell them on Facebook to an expecting mother.”
Should increase the MC’s money.



No paragraph has ever summed up my exact reaction to most social situations better than this one.

Found the following bug after getting a dog:

Also, this might be a preference, but instead of referring to an unnamed pet as “Pet,” you could say “your new ${breed}” just to make it fit grammatically?


In the stats screen.

We also have a pet dog named Max

Add a full stop at the end of the sentence.

There is a 404 error at the end of year 9.
I think you need a ending command at the end of chapter 9.


I’ve got a long loading screen after age four I think


Love all the feedback and bug/typo reports! Thanks, y’all!

@Bugreporter Usual awesome effort. I actually would not call the few months line in year 2 an error, it’s just your character not taking time in the moment to exactly calculate out age difference. I have already changed all the typos you found (and for the ‘lesson i’ one mentioned by both you and @alphasquid I changed the wording entirely, as I realized that was too repetitive from an option just a few lines up), and added cash +100 for the selling diapers option in year 3 and year 4 (obviously the MC was a diaper hoarder).

@trevers17 Same here. Repressed rage or annoyance is a pretty common reaction to thingns people say to me. Like “Hi”. As for the unnamed pet being called Pet, can you show me where that would be? I intended for the name variable not to show before it would be used.

@Phoenix_Wolf I am not sure what would cause that. Anyone else having that issue?

So yes, updated version is out now with fixes for at least most of these things.


In year 2.
Bug, in the choice: “Perhaps not. Once a year is quite sufficient, thanks.”

The call disconnects, and you get ready for bed yourself. It was indeed quite a party, and you know part of the reason Jennifer enjoyed it was her little buddy Erica being there.

The reason for this is this code:

*label truedat
You can almost see $!{fname} nodding on the other end of the line.
  [Have a good night, hope your little monster sleeps through it!"]
*label endcall
It was indeed quite a party

The bracketed section needs a *finish underneath it.


I keep having a long loading screen at the end of year 4 did I hit a wrong choice?


Dang. That’s two people. I will pull up the code and see what that would be, because I have no clue what would cause a loading time issue. Unless it’s just a Dashingdon thing?