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So our teen will just date casually? No bringing their partner to meet us? No teen pregnancy? :stuck_out_tongue: . And yeah exactly! What kind of person would involve their parents in their dating…Danny Laruso from the Karate kid, that’s who, no further explanation is needed wy it’s a terrible, terrible idea.


Oh my god im totally in love with this game I can’t :sob: thank you for making a game that resonates with my want to have a child without the actual having a child

Regarding the dating, would independence/closeness affect that?


Glad you like it! And potentially it would, yes.

And I can’t speak for anyone else, but for my first date my parents thought I was going to the movies with a friend. Ditto for the second girl I dated. Actually, also true when it was my future wife, even though I was well into my 20s. I just never like dealing with those questions or comments until necessary. My parents weren’t terrible about it, I’m just a private person.


I wouldn’t know I’ve never dated but in movies parents give dating advice.


Likely true in some cases.