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…Thing is, pretty much all of these things would take attention away from the main concept if they were fleshed out enough to do them justice…the one that doesn’t fit this however is bullying. I expect bullying will play a part in this game. But not due to your first name, that’s really childish and the kinda thing you’d see in a youtube comment section xd, and would likely have little to no effect on all but the most sensitive of children. I’d say bullying based on being LGBT, race, gender etc is more likely, as that’d be more hurtful and thus have more impact, at least in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: . Though this game doesn’t have the feel of a grim dark game, and bullying is a big issue, so IDK.


I was bullied for my name and my name is “Will”. I foresee dark times ahead for Breadstick Trash Compactor.

First name Bread. Short for Breadstick.

Last name Trash Compactor.


Xd, and sorry about that :frowning: . But thinking about it now I was bullied for my old last name- Newton the mutant. It really didn’t bother me that much…but that might be because I had way, way worse stuff to worry about in my life than people childishly bullying me about my name. But kids are kids, they’ll bully certain people for anything, if there isn’t anything they’ll make something up. I mean Newton and Will are pretty normal names.


Adorable little Breadstick Trash Compactor will no longer have a friend named Name, because I finally fixed that problem last night. It wasn’t a big enough update to merit changing the top post, but the kid friend names work, I changed the gender choice at the beginning to be less appearance-defining for boys, and I hopefully have updated all the typos and bugs y’all have so helpfully outlined up to this point. I am also working on one of the random Year Two events, Going, Going, Gone. But I might wait to upload it until I have the other one, so that with that update Year Two will also be complete.

Now it’s time for one of my favorite things: a poll! You fine folk of the Interwebs are not just readers but also testers and influencers of the final story. And there’s already been a lot of speculation about what events will be included down the line. So I want to find out your preference when it comes to being surprised by content in future updates vs. getting to hear about things prior to their inclusion. I have a planned scene list, with just over half of the potential scenes in the game already slotted into a year (roughly; in some cases they may move up or down by a year or so as the situation merits).

Keep in mind that no matter what, I am always open to suggestions for scenes to include. There are plenty I will either already have in there, or will have considered and discarded, but undoubtedly many more than never once crossed my sleep-deprived brain.

  • I want it all, and I want it now! Give us the planned scene list in full!
  • I’d prefer just to hear generalities about immediately upcoming scenes, and no spoilers!
  • Keep us in the dark and let us find out for ourselves as it updates!
  • Pie!

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Why did I know some would pick pie and it would be Will :grin:


Heh, he seems likely to do so, but in fact he chose the third option. No one picked poor Pie yet.


That might change if perhaps that option assured you would buy us pies


Pieeeeeeeee :heart_eyes:


I…I can’t. You have to understand, it’s impossible. For you see, I am pie.


You know, the point where daughter has her first period. And parent freaks out is going to be hilarious. Then the bra shopping begins… awkward if you’re a single father.

The sons first voice crack and the embarassment of puberty, and the little hairs that will appear in the long run as the lump in the throat begins to expand eventually leading to the “talk” is also something to look forward to.


Or when the son starts “touching” and you’re a mother.



“You notice him fumbling under the covers, and when he emerges his lower torso stays covered but he’s completely fine otherwise.”

Son: “O-oh, hi mother.”

Mother: “I need you to come help me out with something. Now.”

Son: “Could you give me a minute?”

Mother: “No. Now.”

Son: looks nervously under the covers


Seems real screwed up that the mc as a non existent virtual component of data is still more nurturing to their child than my own parents were of me and my brother.

But overall, I like this so far.


“I wasn’t born yesterday, Ashton. I know what you’re doing.”


“Hush, hop in the shower if you need to. Make it quick, I need help with dinner.”

Exists door

“Oh my god… kill me now.”

“I don’t think you’re getting off easy! We’re talking after dinner!”



“S-Sorry Mom!”

I grew up in the south, that’s basicly how it goes.


I’m sorry. That makes me very sad to hear. Though unfortunately not surprised, as that is such a common issue. I hope playing this makes some people think about the long-term effects that short-term statements and actions have on kids.

Oh, and @Phoenix_Wolf and @TrashyLollipops Even though the no spoilers crowd is currently winning the poll, I will confirm that we definitely are not going anywhere near masturbation. I would say it is because I am hoping the final result can be classified a family title for Apple by having no adult content. And I am. But it is really because that sounds suuuuuper creepy awkward to read, much less to write.

As for bullying though, I mean, it’s a huge part of childhood. Almost every kid is one side of it. Or the other.


Or both, to be honest.


True for me, I will admit. No matter how low you are there’s always someone lower to take your frustrations out upon. Punching down, as it were.

“Kids suck sometimes” says the person raising two of them and writing a story centered around them.


Meh with regards to more mature content I’m sure there’d be ways to include it and still have it family friendly. For example alter ego had mature content warnings before proceeding into a scene so you can choose to reselect an option… So maybe you could do something similar with an option to skip the scene? Or if you do it in a more educational way, not sexual, would that not be ok? Either way I’m not too fussed, just throwing out my ideas :slight_smile: .


Are we always going to be a single parent?


@No_This_Is_Patrick it’s on post 6