Quite App-Parent: The Parenting Simulator. Complete and submitted to Hosted Games, Discord link in post 1207

I would probably have it just redirect straight to *label businesscat as the kid being so inspired by the source of their scholarship that they follow it down the line. Although stockbroker could be interesting to add in. I’m concerned I may have fractured the ending too much as it is, though. I mean, there’s like twenty or more occupations, many of which will be seen by a very tiny amount of people.

I don’t think the achievement for the marine biologist should only be for those who got the upgraded turtle, that’s a really tiny group (those whose kid stayed with art for years but still did good enough in school to go to the best school). But a cheevo for anyone who gets the biologist outcome is good, and could reference the turtle sculpture since, if memory serves, everyone encounters it.

@poison_mara I am torn. Part of me admits I have no real answer for why America held out so long against the metric system, which seems objectively superior given its lack of oddball numbers like 5,280 feet being 1 mile. But the other part of me wants to say “Muuuurica rules and the metric system can lick my star-spangled sack!”

So perhaps that impulse explains part of why we refuse to give up our silly form of measurements. I can see about making it more universal, though the Americanness of this game is apparently pretty hard to ignore anyhow based on the feedback of other foreigners who have played it.

Also, I know the scholarship thing isn’t entirely realistic (I did go through all this myself many a moon ago) but I have to give some kind of boon to the lovable nerd parents whose kid hit the books all game long and don’t get to become professional wrestlers or Tuk-Tara.

I do find it funny that where the rest of the world is way ahead of the US in making sure their citizens understand English as well as their native language, whereas Americans barely even understand English, much less any other tongue, I would say we are on the whole more well-versed in knowing both metric and imperial measurements than those in the metric countries are at knowing how to translate kilometers to miles and such.


I have played other similar games That let you choose system. What i think you could add easily in the stats a converter with a loop code to formula to convert american to metric. and Fahrenheit to celsius. It would not cost you lot of time as formula are made you only have to put in code of stats input number then give you the conversion.

Because many people would start the demo and start seeing numbers that they will get like the baby must be boiling as 100 in Celsius is the temperature of water boiling at sea level. Because you even not say in what system you are and like i don’t understand you measures i don’t know if is pounds foots and anything. Really without conversion is unplayable because Did my kid is eating enough is too much food… What distance… I think you will lost players for it. So a converter in stats is a solution that you could handle without change code already done
The game has a good premise and seems be fun i don’t want you lost buyers for lack metric system


I’ve enjoyed the game very much (though each time my kid ends up working at a call center!); my only nit-picky bit of feedback is in regards to the independent/dependent stat and how it works in the epilogue:


I think that just because a kid grows up to be independent, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a close relationship with their parent - the epilogue (“grown accustomed to independence and so don’t really have time for you”) implies that they’re mutually exclusive and that doesn’t really work for me. What would distinguish the indy vs depen diff for me more are things like calling to ask for advice or to have a pre-cooked meal or whatever else.


You can raise a confident, outgoing kid! They can have large friend groups and no problems winning more friends in this game. However, the parent probably sees the kid for who they are (including their deepest insecurities), rather than what the kid tries to project.

As for ambition, even applying to an Ivy League university shows some ambition and confidence (“I believe that I meet or even exceed your standards!”) as does striving for greatness in extracurricular activities.


You did well job when the kid grabbed the baby like where a stress ball it happened to a cousin of mine that though his brother was a doll and hug him like were a orange .
Do you take scenes from your day to day experience?


At last my kid was able to get into an Ivy League school in a random playthrough! :joy: They weren’t able to get valedictorian or a full scholarship, but the money the MC earned from being the VP finally helped. The kid became a vet at the end which I think is definitely one of the best endings. If you do decide to have that turtle-biologist achievement, this might be another place where the achievement could work since it’s animal related.

Two things I noticed

It’s silent for a long moment, then $!{aname} almost whispers “Good. That’s good.”
(Year Four) It looks like there should be a comma after “whispers” here. Also possibly a hyphen in between “almost whispers” only because it could be taken as the kid is about to whisper “good” but then decides not to, yet the MC still knows what they were about to say.

Your sister came with Louis and her new fiancee, Alan.
In this playthrough I didn’t meet Lana at all (with the birthday card option in Moving On even grayed out), so her appearance here is out of nowhere. And since I didn’t meet her despite the strain variable being less than 1, the Sustaining a Sister achievement feels unearned.

End game Stats

We have $5636 left in the family savings.
Self: 30% Sacrifice: 70%

Freedom: 34% Structure: 66%

Independence: 61% Closeness: 39%

Traditional: 52% Modern: 48%

Child Popularity: 47% Child Individuality: 53%

Education: 68% Athletics: 32%

Regarding the earlier years, particularly year 9 (since it’s mostly the pet scene) – has anyone mentioned a (scholastic) book fair yet at the school?


2real4me, dude. 2real4me.


Honestly, I don’t like children. Never did.
But this has enamoured me in ways I didn’t expect. Maybe it’s because it’s My kid.
To clarify, are we playing as a single parent?


That is correct.


Damn it is a long journey Hustler. To see the ending touched my heart and I really did feel like a parent. My daughter is now a veterinarian who actually acts like me in real life, which is just wow in my part. I really enjoyed this and I really just want to say thank you. This game was a blast and though I never came in here at the very beginning, I am proud and happy to be a part of it later on. I never regretted clicking that link and I enjoyed it and felt emotional on the end. This is a bit early, but it’s almost time for this wip to spread its wings and become a game in the official roster of HG. So with this, Thanks Hustler for this magnificent journey you have given us. Thank you for not giving up and abandoning this Wip. Thank you for interacting with us Forum members when you had the choice to not do so. Thanks a lot man. May your upcoming games be loved and viewed in a similar light as to this.


Thanks, Ollie. That really, truly means a lot. Having you here has been great and I hope you’ll stick with me for whatever comes next. Although it might be a bit before I am ready to post another WIP.

@stuck_in_bed I get what you are saying, but it is not so much independence/dependence as it is independence/closeness. Making independence in this game as much an absence of closeness as anything else. A bit unrealistic, but that is the sticky part about opposed stats. They force things to be very binary that are really anything but.


That’s fascinating. As I was raised as really closeness but extremely independent. I was for instance give freedom to for instance planning family travel with 8 years old (not in the organization ) But something like this we will go X city what do you want to do there? I always loved art and museums and parks and my dad let me searching about those places and select stuff. I selected since 5 6 years old what optional activities do in school etc…

Many people looked my dad like he were weird or some kind of Communist dangerous man. But if I someday have a child i would do exactly that give confidence and security to your children and be there for them if they need help. We also watched dragon ball z together every evening and play videogames we still playing videogames together many times.

I understand is a game But independence and closeness has nothing of opposites really.


Well I may not be the most active forum member, but there is no way that I will abandon anyone here. I’ll be here for yours and everyone’s side. Whether in the forums or on Discord, I’ll be with you so don’t worry my friend.


Playthrough Stats (long overdue!)

Valedictorian playthrough (Ivy League, marine biologist)

Famous artist playthrough (full-ride art scholarship)

Is it possible to become valedictorian at Edgewick? This valedictorian playthrough was from the public school.

Also, in the art playthrough, the cat died and it was still listed as alive.


I enjoyed the parts of the game where we could go and audition for the various acting parts. However, it would have been fun if our son or daughter could have had a rival (not throughout the whole game though). I wanted the kid that we met at the mommy and me Playgroup that became our best friend to have had that role since he/she really doesn’t do much. That would also explain why his/her parent wasn’t as close to us (friendship wise) towards the end.

Also, I would have loved to see a voice acting option for a cartoon movie or something. The game is an instant buy for me when it comes out :slight_smile:


Guys, I am excited. It’s telling that I saw Deadpool 2 for the first time today and that still was less notable than what I am about to share with y’all.

Behold…the art!


@Isa really knocked it out of the park here.


I actually like it. This could be very important when you release the game in the future.:grinning:


That she did. Job well done @Isa!

@hustlertwo – This project has showcased your growth and experience, both as a writer and a game designer.

Some things (like the binary deployment of independence and closeness) are more engine dependent than design choices … since this seems to be a bone of contention for some, have you thought of just renaming the stat categories …

I’d actually recommend: Independence and Reliance … which is what it seems you are really going for instead of “closeness” to you as a parent.


Totally because Independence is how you or your child affront situations not if you have a great relationship or are close your parent.
I know several cases of people that is dependent of opinions of parents they dont have a good relationship at all. It is they are so fear doing stuff and being criticized by them that they need validation. But they are zero close.

But I understand why are there and how could make easier the development of a game so filled with random events and variables.

However @hustlertwo I recommend you that maybe not doing all stats opposed next time because most aren’t opposed. And maybe focus in certain skills and attitudes that fomenting kid future personality.
Also art is CUTE without being sugary so one Mara point for that


Awwwww, this game is so sweet! I loved my little son Lucas, and his pet snake Slytherin (he named it himself haha). He didn’t have the best life, but I think I gave him a good one and I’m so emotional now he’s fully grown :slight_smile: so that’s the sign of a Good Game there! Good job, I nearly cried at the father’s grave and Slytherin passing away :confused: thanks for such a good game :slight_smile: