Quicktest is trying to test a chapter that doesn't exist

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve had to make one of these. So, I’m trying to test the first half of this new chapter I finished up, and quicktest keeps coming up with an ERROR saying that it can’t open chapter.txt.

I do not have a chapter.txt.

I checked my scenes folder and there’s not a scene in there with the name, and when I check the scene list there’s nothing there with the name either. It’s trying to open it from my extrascenes menu, so can someone explain to me the exact path it seems to be taking so I can pinpoint maybe where it’s getting this unknown chapter from please? Here’s the quicktest:

EDIT: Here’s where the error is apparently popping up:

After that bit of text it’s literally just dialogue and that’s it. Until it reaches:

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Do you have any gosub_scenes or goto_scenes? You may have accidentally just put goto_scene chapter instead of the file you meant. And even though the quicktest ends at extrascenes, it may be one of the files right after that has the error.

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Unfortunately no. The only goto_scene I have is as a way to go back to the stats screen

But the *goto extrascenesmenu just takes the player back to the screen where they choose what extra scene to view that they have unlocked.

Different reply now; you were mostly correct! The last thing it tested was on the extra scenes menu, but the error was at the end of chapter4p4, where instead of *goto_chapter4p5 I accidentally put *goto_chapter 4p5. My tired brain put a space in between the word and the number. Thank you for the fresh perspective!


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