Quicktest and Chapters

Hi all I am having issues with quicktest as it keeps skipping the chapters

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Did you add the chapters in the startup.txt file? Since it looks like quicktest thinks choicescript_stats is the last file registered.

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I did yes.

Maybe it’s my startup? but no idea where to start

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Yes, you don’t have the files listed in the scene_list.

You seem to list some chapters as words, but not in the indent or as file names.

I do have the startup as it was originally

But I was told it was too long and I needed the files to be condenced into chapters

If those Chapter titles are the correct file names, you just need to indent them. They’re currently on the same level as the code meant to apply to it, which doesn’t work.


Indent them? How do I do that

It looks like you did indent them. (used the tab)

You have so many scenes, are they all actually scene files?

Does dio.txt, name.txt, gender.txt, story.txt, and all the rest actually exist?

Each of those entries in your scene_list is referring to actual files/chapters/scenes.

Yes they exist

Do the ones titled Chapter One etc. exist? Those are the ones that are not indented.

Yes they also exist, I was told to condence the files into chapters so I did and I thought to edit my startup to reflect this.

quicktest just skips them however.

I tested each file as it was originally and it passed after sorting out the untested and errors so I don’t understand why it won’t work for the files that have the exact same text etc

In that case, just indenting those names should fix it.

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