Quick stats screen help please!

I’ll make this as short and sweet as possible.
I’m in my stats screen. The stat I want to name has a “dash” in it, but I know you can’t do that with *create , so I simply take it away on my startup. But, on the stats screen, I want the name to DISPLAY to the player with a dash.
So, I look it up. The official COG website tells me to just do “percent (insert stat name here) (insert stat DISPLAY name here)”.
Simple enough, but my situation involves an opposed pair. I try what they tell me with my harmless little opposed pair, and Choicescript gives me the dreaded error message.
“Non-existent variable (insert stat name here) (insert stat DISPLAY name here).”
What do I do? Sorry if this is a bit stupid and apologies for my essay of an explanation!
Thank you SO much in advance!

So, you want something like this?

   percent asdf the-stat
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No, they want an opposed pair stat. Try this:

      opposed_pair Anger

Or, if you want custom names on both ends:

      opposed_pair anger

That did it for me!! Thank you so so much!!! I really appreciate it!

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Solved below, thank you so much for your time though!!

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