Quick question submitting in hosted games

Will I going to need money when submitting a game/story on hosted games ? If there is how much?
Cause theres this idea forming in my head but our family is not well off and money is a real problem for us, so yeah just wanna know if ill need money when submitting in hosted games.
Thank you.

I will say that any publisher who requires money to publish you isn’t a real publisher. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Gee tnx i was worried for nothing.
Im new to writing

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Submitting to HG is free, royalties are at 25% iirc.

But: a game needs to be beta tested and bugfree



The one thing you would potentially need money for is cover art (rates depend on who you get but the average is probably around $100) but that’s not required. You can always make your own or find some sort of free image as long as you make sure it also allows for free reproduction in this fashion.