Questions for a novel


Hello all.
I have been lurking and every so often putting my two cents on W.i.Ps.
And from what I have seen from this community, i thought this would be a good place to ask this type of question.

First off I have been help a friend edit their novel and it lit a spark in me to write one of my own. The problem is there a subject matter that I am not familiar with but wish to add it to my story because I feel i want to highlight in a main stream fashion, if my novel gets to that level.

The problem I am facing is I want to have a lesbian lead character that falls for a post Transgender Male to Female character but doesn’t know who they where before until one day she would somehow find out.
My questions are:
One: what would be the mindset of trans person, in this type of situation?
And Two: how far might I want to have the lead charater react to the revelation?

Any other tips on Lgbt content I might want to concider is appropriated


The answer is really: that depends on the trans person. Research. Lots of it. Try to find accounts written by trans people themselves (I’m sure there must be people blogging about dating while trans) and try to pick up as wide a variety of voices as you can.


Might wanna check out Sense8.


I will definitely check that out once I get netflix running again


For how the lead character will react, I think it depends on what you want your story to be about.

For examples :
-If you want your story to be based on romance, I think there should be feelings of doubts and like the lead character wasn’t good enough to be trusted with the truth.
-If you want your story to help the readers understand trans people, maybe the lead character should have a strong reaction and through the story she’ll realise why her girlfriend didn’t say anything and what it really means for her. And with her new understanding of the situation, the readers will understand better too.

It’s just my idea, but the important thing is to do a lot of researches on the subject before choosing.


Any tip on a good place to start the research; I don’t want to fly blind and end up using misinformation


I know it was treated in some topics on this forum, :thinking: but I don’t remember their titles so just use the search bar.
Away from that I have no idea I’m sorry, but I guess you can find other forums who could possibly help you.