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Good morning, I made a post some time ago, but I managed to resolve it, so I made another one and I have several questions and doubts.
The first is that I am not able to change pages when I choose an option because it keeps loading infinitely; I don’t know if there’s an error in the code. (I’m on mobile)

The second is how do I add images or sounds?

The third is a bit difficult for me to explain, but how do I make a choice I made a long time ago be mentioned in the current scene?
I’m sorry if you didn’t understand, I’m kind of dumb :sob:

If the game keeps loading infinitely after choosing an option, it could be due to an error in your code or a loop that’s not breaking correctly. To help you better, I’d need to see the specific section of your code where the issue is occurring

To add images or sounds you’ll need to use the *image and *sound commands. For images, make sure you have the image files in the correct folder within your game directory. For example, if you have an image named “example.png” in the “images” folder, you can display it like this

*image example.png

Similarly, for sounds, make sure you have the sound files in the correct folder. If you have a sound named “example.mp3” in the “sounds” folder, you can use it like this:

*sound example.mp3

To reference choices made in the past, you can use the ${} notation to display the values of variables that store the choices. For example, if you have a choice that sets a variable named “favorite_color” to the chosen color, you can refer to it in a later scene like this:

Your favorite color is ${favorite_color}.

You can go to the choice script forum for more specific informations.


OrWhen I press the first brother option in my Dashingdon starts to load infinitely,I changed several times the code Until it looks like the Choices guide but it still won’t
Also, the second choice doesn’t appear (English is not my native language so I may be writing quite a bit wrong)

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I notice a couple of things. Based on the screenshot there’s missing indentations, spaces in label names, and a couple typos in this code. Easy to fix - I posted a revised version below for you. Originally you have:

*goto_scene label brother

*goto_scebe label sibbling

I suspect your labels are actually called “brother” and “sibling” rather than “label brother”/“label sibling.” If so, your code should become:

    *goto_scene brother

    *goto_scene sibling

*label brother
(stuff here that happens for brother label)

*label sibling
(stuff here that happens for sibling label)

That may fix your loading problem, and if not it should at least get you closer to the root of it. Good luck!


I got it! I had to delete everything… but I got it,looks like it was some errors in the code,thank you very much.
But that was just the easiest part,now will come the nightmare…


Glad to see another soul struggling for their life to get through the coding section of their game. :joy:

Until I got that unruly stats page tamed… god…


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