Question of Interest. Possible Attempt at a CS game?

The title of this topic should summarise what I intend the subject of this to be about, but I will give a quick explanation to further it. For the last week or so I have had a somewhat urge to try my hand at creating my own game using ChoiceScript, taking into account that I have only extremely basic knowledge of code/script (thank a few phone apps that taught me a bit of Java and C++).

I wanted to see how many people may be interested in a game idea of mine, or even multiple game ideas. I will warn those of you that might be interested that I have huge troubles with motivation and staying on track, so it may never even get off the ground. Maybe this could help my problems with motivation, I suppose.

Well, on to the meat of the topic, I have a few ideas that could either be interesting or not at all, and some are more developed than others. Of course, only the basic themes will be mentioned here.

  1. A horror theme, difficult to pull of in text indeed, but a definite challenge to test a writer’s ability to affect their reader’s emotions.
  2. Fantasy, a theme with a lot of freedom.
  3. Mystery, not a theme with a lot of chance for replayability, but interesting nonetheless.
  4. Anything else, I get inspiration at the most random times!

Ok so, let’s be realistic here - not only you’re still new to coding you have some issues regarding motivation and staying on track. In my opinion I’d stick with something straightforward and relatively easy to do, either as a test of your capabilities and a starting point. Very rarely our first projects turn out to be amazing so don’t worry too much about perfection. As interesting as it may sound, I’d drop the horror theme because those are bit tricky to deal with and if you ain’t used to your tools, or know what to do, it can lead to sub-par results (and your demotivation from thereof).

Less replayability usually means less work from your part as you don’t have to create a lot of variables unto the game itself, and that means free time for you to build on the story, correct typos or even working on the coding itself. Overall I’d say its an interesting proposition but it will depend on theme and story-arc you want to pull here. The most important piece of advice I can give you is to NOT over-achieve things. Keep it simple, keep it realistic. And if circumstances don’t allow you to finish your project, do not despair - the time you spend on it could very well teach you something useful, so not all is lost. :slight_smile:


develop your ideas in my experience with this community is great for people who what to tell story’s as for your lack of experience do not worry ChoiceScript is extremely easy to lean. as for what game you should do ask your self some questions what subjects interest you do you like history? do like anime? maybe you could game about a set in the American Revolutionary War with anime influences the possibility’s are endless so work on your ideas :slight_smile:


I agree with @IvoryOwl, for your first game I think you should go with something that’s not pushing you to your limit, it might cause you to want to quit the project. But CS is actually easy to learn, I know personally when I started I kinda just dived in and hoped for the best and it actually worked out well, though you learn shortcuts and stuff on the way.

In regards to theme, I say first figure out what you find easier to write about and like. Personally I would like to see some horror on here, if not horror just simply thriller. I love fantasy but that’s all that CS really has (and SciFi) and I know I’m open for some new stuff.


Maybe pushing your limits to the max isn’t the best idea, but I’d still encourage you to try step outside the bounds. I’m also working on my first project and I’ve found trying to achieve something different from the norm has been a good way to keep motivation. Work within your own bounds though.

I’d love to see horror, though it might be a challenge to pull off.


A biggy for starting and staying on course is picking a story that you personally will enjoy writing. Leaving it to popular vote may land you in a situation where you’re writing something you don’t care for and that shows in the writing when an author has given up or is forcing themselves to write.


Thank you for all the amazing replies, to be honest I was nervous, and avoiding reading this like the plague due to some vague paranoia. I seem to have underestimated how great the community is here though!
Horror was my first suggestion, mainly because it’s the most developed idea I have at the current, as I tend to be a fan of the genre. I’m sorry if this reply is a bit lacklustre, i’m just overwhelmed at actually receiving feedback and comments, and upset with myself that I didn’t get engaged with this community sooner. :smile:


Horror is tricky, do your research on fear. A little psychology research is really handy in pulling it off. If you really love the genre I’d say go for it. Its really good to run things by the forum people here they really ARE great folks and very helpful so share with them and they’ll be sure to help out one way or another.

no problem man i was in your situation so i know how you feel and i am happy that you have a idea i hope you go through with your idea :grinning: and if you need any help feel free to ask

If horror is your aim, and it’s the most fleshed out one, go for it. But be careful not to get unmotivated because it’s hard. I won’t tell you my CS experiences because most are stories of overworking myself. So take it at a slow pace for your first game. No matter what you do, never think about how much you have to do, but what you are doing that moment. Because once you start thinking ahead and overwhelming yourself that’s when you lose it. I will be very interested in a horror, because I have never seen a strictly horror story up on here

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