Question about the 9th elimination of Heroes Rise: Hero Project? *spoilers*


I just finished my first playthrough, and was definitely not too happy with the outcome. I was eliminated on the 9th, which was the one where I was given the option to take pump and rat Jenny out. Is there a way to not get eliminated during this, WITHOUT ratting Jenny out or taking the pump? Or does being a good person mean you automatically lose this one?


Eat pump is a bad choice, and about rat jenny jep, reality shows haven’t mercy at all or you kick jenny or you get kick, but I really believe it’s better not betray jenny after play the 3 game beta. Win game didn’t change the story for good.


The reality show is rigged by the worst people in America. There’s no way to win it as a good person.


I have a questions as well, can you still be with Black Magic if you are doing the Hero Strategy? I am making 3 saved accounts 1 with Jenny 2 with Black Magic and 3 with Lucky. I love all 3 characters as a love interest. so I hope my relationship with BM will continue in HeroFall. Oh and 4 will be with Prodigal. hehehe


Yes, if you choose to ignore Magic’s ultimatum and vote for who you think deserves to go, then when Magic’s big secret comes out you can choose to join the popular alliance to help Magic (who either takes you back or treats her earlier threat as a bluff), and you are still considered to be channeling the heroic persona.


nope u cannot stay without ratting jenny what do u think beeing a heroe is about. fame or justice, when u stick to jenny you learn somethings, investigaing is batman stuff thats good :stuck_out_tongue: also its the way to the “heroes badge” so thats important.
Don’t be a dummy and try to hard to win a place in the facist justice league :P, who wants to be in a team with jury, inherit and summit anyway.
And taking drugs is bad :P, using experimental power enhancing drugs allways backfires :stuck_out_tongue: