Question about indentation in lables

So. When I have a goto in a label, I am pretty sure that you don’t need to indent it, but am not totally sure?
Also, I did ask this question before, sort of, but the answer was a bit confuseing.
When indenting with either *if statements in choices. Choices in *if statements. Or, *if statements in other *if statements.
Do you indent 1 level over the text, so in this case, with the flaver text being indented 2 tabs, you would indent 3 tabs, or indent 1 more then the prev *if statement/ *choice, so in this case, you would indent it 2 tabs?
Also. Indent the *choice command itsself? I assume yes, when in this situation.

If you have an *if or *choice command everything after needs to be indented, including if you ifs are part of a choice - maybe this example might help:

        option 1 text
        *if (option 3 = true)
            option 3 text
    *if (choice2_active = true)
        #Choice 2
            option 2 text

and so on

If you have a *goto in text you do not need to indent it

*label textbox
*goto second_textbox

*labels don’t need additional indents, just as many as the *label itself has (if you e.g. have a label in a choice or an *if text.


*label a
*if 1
   *label b
   *goto x
*if 2
   *goto x
*if 3
   *goto b

*label x

though in such cases you can also work with gosubs


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