Question about game prices in the Turkish App Store vs. Steam

I’ve noticed that in the Turkish App Store (the one I use) CoG games are sold at very high prices like 50-60 TRY, which is more than a little bit ridiculous when the same game is sold on Steam (also Turkish) for anywhere from 8 to 20 TRY, which is much more in line with the single digit USD prices.

Is there a reason for this? Is the extra charge for being able to play on your phone, as Steam doesn’t let you?

No, it’s nothing intentional on our end. It’s because the different platforms convert currencies in different ways (rounding up, rounding down) and also update or don’t update based on currency fluctuations.

If the price is better for you on Steam, buy it there and email the receipt to and then we’ll credit your webstore account which you can restore into the COG app.