Question about Choice of Magic

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Are you asking which games include the possibility of the player character having children? Off the top of my head, Life of a Wizard, The Parenting Simulator, and Affairs of the Court all have that as part of the story. There’s also Choice of Robots, which is sort of like raising a kid. There are probably others that I am forgetting, though, and I want to note that the examples I’ve given are from both the Choice of Games and Hosted Games labels.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Actually I was curious about this one specific so far the character named tal is the only one that I have a kid with I was wondering if it can also be done for the other ROs

Oh, duh! I totally read the title wrong, lol. Sorry for the confusion!

No probs

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Nope! You can do it with Cos and Sam too, they are just more hesitant about it (Sam prefers to adopt a teen). V does not want kids at all though, and Thecla has other priorities.

It’s the same as Tal where you just reach the end of the game while in a relationship with them.