Question about badges on forums

Oh, that is unusual. When i checked the admin page for your account, it actually does say you’re only at trust level 2. You shouldn’t have the Regular title, and as you said, you don’t have any option on your preferences page to change it. :thinking: It’s entirely possible that this is simply a bug in the system, in which case only an update to the Discourse software might reset it.

But just in case it is fixable by some simpler measures, @EclecticEccentric do you mind if we take this to PMs?


Well, time to earn back that badge, I suppose.


Oh yeah, for posterity’s sake: the issue was simply that the title of ‘Regular’ was still attached to their account and simply had to be removed via the admin page.

If anyone else notices that they still have the Regular title without the status or privileges that come with it and you want it removed, just go ahead and send a pm to the moderators. :slight_smile: