Queen of the damned


Some one should make a game out of the movie


It does sound awesome, but Anne Rice doesn’t even want people to write fanfiction about her work :open_mouth: . I don’t think it would be a good idea. You would probably have a better time writing a game based on true blood, twilight, or vampire diaries, or anything else.


No no no no plz anything but twilight!!! :open_mouth: >:p


It’s funny, I slipped in twilight in the middle to see if anyone would catch it,and someone did.


I would rather write true blood.


I don’t think choice of games will let you publish fan games


CoG cannot publish fan fiction, nor host it on its site, nor is there any real possibility that it will in the future (nor can you publish it yourself for multiple reasons). If you want your game to actually be published by CoG it has to be an original work or based on something that is in the public domain.


Someone can do Dracula. That is public domain.


Cedric diggory s o hot




My top movies to make into supercool games ( if it was legal ) are…

Mad max


non of the movie i like would be a good game well maybe alice in wonderland but as ZOMBIES!!!


double post -








Is it me or did anyone imagine this scenario right now?


Oh no, the ninja broke out of his workplace! :o




I loved the movie. So much in fact, I made a song based off of the gypsy and lestat playing the violin on the beach. —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCOlEw2TlVA LEAVE COMMENTS PLS. […]