Quality word programs


To keep is succinct I’m looking into getting a high end word program to work with. In particular for grammar and was wondering if anyone has a few good ones to recommend.

At the moment I’m looking at Grammarly, has anyone used this one yet? What did you think?

Other than that I’d like to know what you’re favorite programs are and why. Some programs are under appreciated and I’d hate to miss out in a hidden gem.


I like Notepad++ for my hacking and script editing because it reads text and hex, and I can use XVI32 for the binary gaps.


People keep mentioning Scrivener around me. I’ve never tried it though, no idea what good it does.

I used to use Microsft Word until I lost my discs. :frowning: I now use Open Office since it’s free.


While I love notepad for coding it unfortunately doesn’t have much by way of grammar check which is my main focus considering my full speed ahead writing style. I miss a lot during the forward charge. If Notepad ever gets a grammar check it will become my one and only lol for now it will serve as the anvil of my writing forge I just need a hammer to pound out a few imperfections. I
Don’t mind the analogy lol


I’m a fan of UltraEdit. It’s a lot easier for me to read than Notepad++ and also features a built-in spellchecker. I know Notepad++ can have a spellchecker installed, but I could never get the plugin to work for the life of me. :cry:


I use Scrivener. This way I don’t keep 10+++ files around. I still manage to make it a mess, though.

The spellchecker is really great too, but I might be biased.


@Snoe I would suggest Hemingway for grammar checking. There’s a free version you can use online in your browser if you don’t want to pay and download it. The cool thing about it is it checks the readability level, points out passive voice phrases, adverbs, highlights words with simpler alternatives, and “hard to read” sentences.

Scrivener is quite a powerful for writing, you can keep anything related to your project nice and organized: research, character/location sheets etc. It makes plotting and reorganizing scenes a breeze, and you can tag scenes with colors, short descriptions and which state they’re in (to do, first draft, second draft, complete etc) to keep track of things easily. Much better than having files scattered around a harddrive. Plus you can set it to track your wordcount per session, and set wordcount goals both for the entire story and per session, pretty useful to keep motivated.

On the downside, and one reason I don’t use it as much as I want is that you can’t really use it on multiple devices, there is no mobile app despite the developers announcing it years ago. I like writing on my phone/tablet often, and not being able to sync my progress is frustrating.

So for now I mostly use Evernote, I can create a similar organizing system for scenes and a separate folder for research, and it seems to be working out. The program wasn’t created with writing in mind particularly, so it lacks a lot of what Scrivener has to offer, like grammar/spelling checks and wordcount tracking, but I just copy-paste my content in Hemingway afterwards, to check things like that. Plus your content is automatically saved to the cloud, if your computer goes down, you don’t lose anything you were working on. The good thing about Evernote is that you can use it for free perpetually if you can work within the limitations of the free version. (Unlike Scrivener which I think only has a limited time free trial, then you have to pay.)

For coding I use Sublime on Windows, Textmate on Mac and Textastic on iPad, all of which sync together through iCould.

Edit: I was mistaken, the Hemingway app is not free, but the browser version is.


Thanks much.
Scrivener is looking like a good candidate thus far mainly because of the multi windows function and referencing abilities on top of traditional word processing I’ll give that a try and play withe Hemingway for a bit.
How they feel will decide the final vote.
Thanks all thus far


Grammarly is great and it also has a plugin for MSWord…I just wish you could outright buy the program instead paying monthly fees.


I hate to be an ass, but piracy and donation do mix, at times. Not that I’m recommending or advocating piracy of any kind on a public forum. That would be illegal. Do what you want. I’m just saying.



No piracy for me, I can deal with the fees. (Piracy just jacks up prices for other people, then DRM stuff cuz of piracy…ug)


DRM stuff will happen whether pirates pirate or not. Warner Bros. recently shot themselves in the foot by trying to take down their own site for hosting their videos.


This is a debate for another thread my friend, less we derail the topic and draw the ire of the dragoness… :hushed:


I just noticed there is now a Scrivener for iOS app. Finally. Kinda pricey though imo :confused: