Puzzles and Mazes


Between stories, I’ve created a few puzzles and mazes that can be looked at online or printed out.

Take a look: http://andywhy.webs.com/puzzlesandmazes.htm


Wow. How long did it take you to do those?


A long time! I work on them periodically and it can take a couple of months to complete one.


Dang! You did well, though!


I enjoyed the Storm maze. Couldn’t figure out the method to the madness of the Pie or 49 Steps puzzles.


Glad to hear that. I have a world map one coming soon - not as good quality as the storm, but should be fun none the less.

The pie one is easier than 49 steps - you need to work out the sequence. How could the name of the puzzle relate to a series of numbers? How could you apply that to the puzzle?



I usually over-think these kinds of puzzles.

Pi = 3.14159265…

I don’t see how to apply that string of numbers to the maze.

Assign numbers according to positions in the alphabet?


Again, I don’t see how to apply those numbers to the maze.

To actually answer the question, I like cherry-apple pie. Should I only go to spaces that contain cherries or apples? That makes the maze easy, and has nothing to do with a series of numbers.


Some people don’t like cherries so that answer wouldn’t be unique.

If you have a sequence of numbers, like Pi, how could you apply each individual number to each square of the maze? Try counting…


@andymwhy, wow, I was much closer to the answer for the Pie Maze than I realized. Okay, I got it now. The counting hint didn’t sink in at first. So next to look at the 49 Steps. Just the title of that one makes it sound hard, if it is similar to the Pie Maze. You gotta have a sharp, creative mind to create these things.


The second one is much harder but if you pay attention to the bigger picture, you’ll find the advice you need to solve it.

Making them is fun! It’s a puzzle in itself to create them and, damn! I love puzzles!


I’m hoping to finish a new puzzle today or tomorrow. It’s a straight-forward world map maze.


Well, that was quick! The World Map maze is now online.



Cool. I’ll try it out this coming weekend.


Please do. If you have any requests for future puzzles, let me know as I’ll see what I can do. Just bear in mind I’m useless at drawing people!


I enjoyed your world maze, @andymwhy. It has some nice false paths in places. And I’m a sucker for finding all of the dead ends in a maze. Thanks for posting it.


Glad you enjoyed it. If you like false dead ends, I have an old one somewhere with a major sucker route. When I have time I’ll find it and add it for you.