Puzzle games for iPhone


Hi, I’m currently using android phone and super addicted to Honeyday Blitz 2. However, I just bought an iPhone 5 and my favorite game is not yet available for apple users. Do you have games that are similar to Honeyday Blitz 2? It is a puzzle/match game. Like Candy Crush but better (better items, better power ups, better graphic, better levels). PS: Please don’t suggest Candy Crush, it is so overrated. I want something new. Thank you!


When I think puzzle games, I don’t think of those sort of ‘matching random items’ that have infested the app store and Google play store. I think of the puzzles within parts of the old time Resident Evil and Luara Croft games. They should definitely put some Resident Evil games on (there is one on apple, but it lost the puzzle parts to be built more like 4), however Laura Croft: Tomb Raider, as in the original, I got on Google play for a deal of like 5 cents. I don’t know if it’s on app store or not.

I’ve also seen Laura Croft: Go, but that looks to be an over priced fake out.


I use Google play, so my suggestion may or may not exist for you.


perhaps qbqbqb? i don’t really know of very many match games, and it only seems to be for the google play store, so. back to bed is another one, which i believe is available on the app store, though it’s not a match-3 type game. the first is absolutely adorable (but might end up being a bit too easy) and the second seems pleasantly surreal.


If you like tower defence games, which I think are like puzzles, I’ve been enjoying Crazy Kings lately.


Highrise Heroes - Spell words to descend a burning building, while following a horror/survival/mystery plot. There are all kinds of individual level goals, characters with different abilities, and there may be a monkey.

Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 - No, really! Try it! You have a limited amount of time to throw together as many correct outfits as possible, then send them down a runway. Between the various multipliers and time limits, there’s a huge amount of strategy that can go in. I’ve been playing it off and on for years, trying each time to beat my last scores.

Phoenix Wright - Some of the earlier games have been re-released for iPhone. If you haven’t played them all yet (or want to replay them) check it out. It’s an investigation game where you find clues to prove your client’s innocence in court, and is deservedly famous.


Wait…no way… Phoenix Wright has been released on IPhone’s? What have I been doing with my life?! I am off to waste hours of my life watching Edgeworth try to get the witnesses to say their name and profession!


I used to be interested in being a prosecutor.
Then I saw what happened between Edgeworth and Oldbag.
I’m considering other professions.


Thank you everyone! I will try some of your suggestions. Is there an apple game that is close enough to Honeyday Blitz 2? Looking for a game that is ad free and has good graphics as I easily lose interest if the graphic is not good. :slight_smile: Thank you!


Here free online competitive: jigsaw games. These jigsaws are not too easy and not too hard, but a lot of free fun on your computer, iphone or ipad. It can play on your browser. Let’s try it


Thank you, will try it out. Hopefully I find a game that I’d really like, I keep installing and uninstalling the games I find on iTunes. Nothing is quite the games I used to play when I was still using an android phone. :frowning:


My suggestions would be:

  • Chip Chain: A casino-themed match-up game wherein players are tasked with lining up and matching same-numbered chips, which consolidate into a single chip of higher denomination.

  • Puzzle Craft: Players need to gather resources through two puzzle games which are then used to craft various usable tools (power-ups for the resource games) and buildings for your village .

  • Trid: This one is a clever memory puzzle game where players are presented with a pattern on a 3x3 grid, and they have to recreate it as quickly as possible.