Punishments For breaking Rules


I noticed that starwarsmaster was suspended for 2 years after sending messages that were considered sexual harrassment. Can someone post the punishments for breaking each rule and what leads up to it? Like this:

For breaking rule x you get-
Suspended 7 days
Permanetely suspended.


I guess that you can think for yourself that what kind of things you do result in what kind of punishment. Like saying “f**k you” to somebody or PMing somebody threatening to kill him and his family.


Please don’t break the rules.

There’s no list of punishments. Each case is taken on its own merits.

The forum software might limit your ability to do certain things if you have too many flags. I’ve no idea though.

We moderators, incidentally, don’t punish anybody. We’re the unpaid janitors, we do our best to help keep the place clean and tidy and a good place for everybody to be. We’re just members of the forums like everybody else.

The Choice of Games team are the ones who own the forums, they made the rules and they’re the only ones that dish out suspensions. They do sometimes consult with us moderators but we don’t make the decisions.

No suspension has ever been dished out lightly, and I believe Starwarsmaster is currently the only person suspended from the forums.

If your post is flagged, or if it’s deleted that’s not a punishment. That’s just cleaning up. We’d much rather you didn’t make a mess everywhere, it makes everything a lot more difficult for us. I’d much rather be posting on topics, reading threads, playing games and providing feedback there, than having to run around cleaning up messes everywhere,

If you receive a warning that isn’t a punishment either. That’s just us trying to help you know how to follow the rules.

Anyway what happens if you break the rules depends on which rules you break. We’ll probably talk to you first.

As far as I’m aware there’s no permanent suspensions. They don’t believe in permanent suspensions.

Please don’t go about breaking any rules since mostly it just means more work for us moderators and a community that isn’t as fun. The rules are there for all of us. If you’ve a problem with any rules, you can always ask about them.


The only reason you’d need to know that is so you can decide whether or not it’s worth breaking a rule.
If you abide by them all, there’s never going to be a problem, whatever the punishments may (or may not) be.