Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 5/3/2020

Playing this game in quarantine really help me

Qnd I’m back for another play through.
Because my Plasma Fisted Warlock run has got to work somehow and if I gotta minmax to make it work.

I will.

Style! Energy!
Activating plasma fists to make up for my lack of damage!


I found a slight mistake.

The starting line up should have hannah, not conner.

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Thank you I’ll be sure to fix it!

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Oh, I realize I never answered that.

No, that’s not what I meant. But it’s an issue that you find in a lot of romance-focused games: basically, the fact that the whole cast has a wide-array of personal, sometimes existential problems… but the MC will only care about the one they romance. This game is far from the worst example - in some cases, the problems are actually life-threatening, implying that not picking certain romance routes might lead to the ignored party straight up dying - but I can’t help but actually wanting to help the teammates I don’t romance too, because we’re all friends, damn it!


Yeah that’s true, in the majority of cases the mc doesn’t do shit unless is the ro.

Ok I’m following you. I think I’ll try something in the next update, allow the Mc to spend time with their RO and/or a new friend option. I’ll also give each choice where this is an option an extra “charge” so to speak and let the reader try it out. You’ll get part of the characters story and still get to help them, just not as much as if you were their RO