Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 5/3/2020

Game breaking bugs at that.

Honestly, try as I might, I can’t stop imagining these mechs to be the size of the robots from Pacific Rim.

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Whats best mech suit?

“Best” depends on preference. Do you want to be a support mech, up front melee, long range?

All of the above

Wherever a bug like this exists in a game I actually find it more fun to play.
And within some game this type of bug is purposely there, because:
A. The in game stats won’t ever hit 100 during any one play through.
B. Left as a kind of surprise for the player but the creators as a way of offset stats reduction if it’s a mechanic used.
C. The creator believes in breaking the 100 limit.(Nuff said really)

Yeah sometimes it’s just there and somehow makes the game a little bit more interesting. But I do like the bugs more that aren’t supposed to be there because it can make your character a God and if they porous fully place it there, then it isn’t really that game breaking because they still have control over it.

Game breaking: yes
Game breaking in an awesome way: yes
Every play through made unique: yes
My Character (pretty much becomes a god): yes
Why aren’t more games like this again?

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So i made a comment a while ago about weapons I would like to see added and I don’t now if it would be possible it to be implemented can we get the option to type what the weapons is called but we would have to pick if it’s melee, ranged, ect before we and put it

I think this should only be an option if you pick the original blueprints for your pulse as your most prized possession. Also, not sure if this game will have difficulty options, but if so, on the easiest setting, letting us custom input the weapon’s stats would be dope.

100 damage
100 accuracy
100 speed
100% O.P.

No no no what I meant was weapon names like the katana, kimkury, the bastard sword I was talking about for when your first building it to have the option to put the custom melee or ranged weapon type so like rifles of example kar98, longbow, sling

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I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before…but Chloe’s like Toph from Avatar.
And I mean that as the highest compliment.


I had the same impression too!

Blind? Check.
Snarky? Check.
Kicks asses and takes names like a boss? (Whilst inside a war machine) You betcha!


The code leaked:

It should probably also be boosting Chloe and it’d be ‘drew your attention’


My goodness, the Leroy Jenkins bit and the 4th wall breaking has me laughing a ton, I love it!


I’ve gotta say, this is probably my favorite WIP that I’ve found. Super fun.



I suck and I’m sorry for that.

Writing next chapter whenever I can.

It’s called Breaths I promise it’s real.

Something about my games broken.

Damn it.


In all reality and in al seriousness my old laptop crapped out and it wasn’t the easiest thing to transfer everything over


All good mate things happen. you have even updated us on progress which is cool even if there isn’t anything for us to see at the moment that gives us a feeling of awareness. Thank you.

Nothing at all to be sorry about. your the author. your writing a story something i keep failing at due he said she said crud i keep having issues with but wont get into. you are doing it successfully and well, be proud of it. You don’t suck…at least in this field, i cant say about anything else.
your work is great so far.


Don’t kick yourself too hard over it. Things happen and you just got to soldier on through. I’m sure this game will be amazing regardless of what’s thrown your way.