Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



@Nidokingler the quadruped design only affects how many legs you have, you still get two arms like a centaur. I might add in something to help clarify this


Try using the word chassis in the description.


Just wondering but how in all hell will the MC even win anything with the rust bucket they have now when it seems like everybody else has better Pulses than we do plus i still think that girl who has the Military Pulse will easily win everything with out even breaking a sweat.


well, as far as the description goes, my MC clearly presented his weapon as impressive on the same level as the rest of his friends’s mecha, so it’s not that our stuff is worthless and more like it’s not flashy or impressive, it’s still fonctional

and he can win by being a better pilot, like in race cars, if the other guy can’t handle his machine, he’ll just crash and burn


It’s a rust bucket compared to everybody elses if i was a betting man witch i am not but if i was i would put my money on that girl who has the Military Pulse she will win hands down against everybody she has Military grade gear you can’t beat Military grade gear and racing now is not even about skill Mercedes in F1 win cause they have the best car not the best driver i just keep looking at this in a logical way but maybe i shouldn’t.


Built by family wasn’t it?
And as for “rust bucket” vs modern
I just say…cowboy bebop swordfish II
Old as heck but trumps nearly everybody

Edit: There is a touch of skill left in racing that will make or break a race for quality cars


it’s not really a rust bucket, it’s home made and really well cared for as far as the actual description

meh, if you give a military grade flamethrow to someone who can’t use it, he’ll do more damage to himself and his ally than to the ennemies, that’s why only hightly trained personal is authorised to have that kind of equipement, they are the most effective but they are the hardest to use

once again, meh, having a 12 billion horse motor won’t help if you aren’t a good enough driver, you’ll just crash and burn


Well if you give a flamethrower to anybody trained or not he will do damage to his allies and self anyways most likely. They had a bad record but yea you are right. I do believe she is well trained however as is half the school.


I’ll have you know, good sir. My pulse is equipped with state of the art plasma infused fisticuffs! Not a living soul can outmanoeuvre such manliness.


Ahh queensberry pulse that’s a fun one to fight
I loved the ace academy version of that.
I’m a fan of the #2Ranger and the #1Emperor style though then a distant third The Paladin


Still i would rather have some military grade pulse than the old scrap pile we have now. lol


I mean, Tex’s Pulse is clearly a bit more “rust bucket” than ours, and he’s like rank 3. So skill clearly counts for something. Plus, we haven’t exactly seen the kind of gear everyone else it toting. Sure, there are going to be some higher class/expensive pules, but I bet a large number are in the same boat as ours.

That said if you choose the assault rifle it states that it’s a military grade weapon. “Look at you and Astrid! How’d you guys get the cool military tech?!”. Not to mention the other “military grade” stuff you can get. The MADS system for one, or the Pulse Shield spring to mind (designed for Special Forces).

A bunch of the other gear also seems to have military applications/grade even if it doesn’t outright say so. The Hand Cannons with heat rounds - those things are “illegal in most parts of the world”, or the Rail Gun immediately spring to mind.

All that said, while a military grade Pulse might seem impressive, they don’t exactly seem to have anything we couldn’t acquire later on. Better armour, weapons, systems, etc all seem to be stuff we can get later on.

@Aviator467 I mean, sure if you say no to the upgrade it says “mechname is not a horse”, but I doubt the design would actually be like that of one. I was thinking it would be more like the “Spider Platform”, as that seems the most stable.


so we basicaly have gundams fighting metal gears in an arena , that’s awesome


By my understanding, yes, though the author can correct me if I’m wrong. With the ‘four legs’ you would still have arms and a torso, as opposed to your weapon attached to your side as shown above though.

Perhaps Kimaris Trooper would have been a more appropriate example:


@Aviator467 I can’t wait any longer. I need my fix, please I need an update. You got me addicted and now you just leave me high and dry. I NEED MORE, PLEASE!!! Juse a taste would do.


Lmao, calm down man. I feel your pain tho. There’s a certain blind, sarcastic witty person I’m head over heels for.


@Tylar11021 I have the whole day off today decidacted to finishing it :joy:

@WolfieGrey I’m not going to pretend that’s what I had in mind but like your concept infinitely more

@Andrew_Stapleton I get where you’re coming from man it would be cool to have a military pulse, and I’m not saying it won’t happen, but part of the story is proving that a good pilot is far more deaireable than a good pulse. Tex is a good example but an even better one is Hannah; she has one of the most advanced pulses but doesn’t want to talk about her rank because it isn’t good and being a bad (comparatively) pilot hurt her score.


It would be funny to have a MC that is humble but still think everyone around him suck, like ‘i am not that good or special at all, you’re all just shit and if any of you were halfway competent, you’d be as good as me’


I laughed harder than I should had at that comment. That was absolutely brilliant lol


So all that basically means is i will be stuck with this walking scrap pile i have a feeling upgrades will be rare wont they. why not just buy a tank and put a Railgun on it sounds like it would do a batter job than the terrible pulse we have now or even better join the army get some combat experience then convince them to let you take your new bad ass pulse with to this competition.