Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019


@Drakeye depends on what size Pulse you have, but for the most part Pulses are generally around the same size: 8-11 meters. The weights can vary a good bit as well, a rougue will “look” smaller than a Bastion model (thinner and sleeker).

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Thank the gods cause what we have now is a pure worthless rust bucket while everyone else has uptodate bad ass tech and here is me in my walking garbage heap.



man… this wip reminds me to one of my fave visual novel called “Ace Academy”.



That novel was actually pretty good. I got the feeling when I read this story as well.

Apparently they’re going to do a sequel once they’re finished developing their new game.

Anyway back to the topic, what kind of upgrades will we be able to get for our Pulse? And do we need to be successful in school and the matches in order to receive a upgrade?



@Alder I really liked that novel! At the end of it I said “I want more” and well here I am making it myself. Some of the tropes are kinda hard to get away from.

@MichaelCrank not sure how I want to play it just yet, I don’t want to rip that out of CC Hero.



@Aviator467 yeah true… they put lots reference in that game. Hope you were able to write something as great as that VN. and don’t worry as dishu ever said…



Actually, it’s going to be Kaori After Story, so not a typical sequel. Depending on its success, other heroines might follow.



Aw crap! I don’t want a spin off, I just want a sequel seeing how the ending went. And I’d like a chance to beat that ace pilot in a real match instead of a pre-season match. I can’t remember his name but I wanna say Akira?



There’s probably going to be a full-fledged sequel in the future as well, so don’t worry. The After Story takes place only a few weeks after original game’s end and you just spend holidays with her and her family. The main story still needs resolution and they know that.

I can’t wait for more Chloe just as I can’t wait for more Mayu :grin:



fights the urge to play ace acadamy again must resist…

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It’s too late for me. Already reinstalled it haha.

Save yourself!



i did not…:sweat_smile: i swear.

go mech style games!
we so need a little sister of brother we can make a joke that were gonna have to walk our pulse by their school.
but seriously i am enjoying war games so far and i love to hate the messiness of my roommate
and yet own them in games.



Hey guys just an update, I’m roughly 1200 lines into the next chapter (I know this could mean anything, but I want y’all to know I’m alive) I spent WAY too long making the first training fight (there’s like 6 possible outcomes between dozens of choices) and it kinda burned me out for a while always going back and working on the same thing over and over, and even then I’m not sure if it’s perfect yet. But I finished it and am trying to finish the rest of this chapter, hopefully ending with your first actual match against another team (or single opponent should you choose to go solo). Hopefully work will be scaling back here in the near future (only to be replaced with schoolwork ugh) but I figure I’ll have more time then to keep writing.

Obviously I don’t want to rush this and I won’t be putting anything out unless I feel it’s ready, but you’re my favorite person for reading this far… so yeah



I’m sorry I stopped paying attention at “hey”
Could you repeat that?
I kid I kid. Take all the time you feel you need to make the project true to your vision if you can



It’s all good man take your time and if you need help just shot a post and we will try our best to help



All that’s left to do is the second half of the group stage fight and a “choose who to hang out with” choice. This will be the biggest chapter yet



It was a pretty cool read and i like the idea, can’t wait to see where it goes ^^



@Balrog_Demorgothe More is to come very soon, glad ya liked it



Gets into arena
Mc: Don’t call it a comeback
Opponent: huh? We just started…
Mc: ive been here for years
Opponent: what, I just saw…oh hah hah

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When you choose to have a quadruped leg design, it states how you stand on four legs, compares your pulse to a horse, and the way it’s written it sounds as if your pulse wouldn’t travel upright, but i can imagine it would be difficult to utilize a railgun or dual wield with no arms (unless the weapons are attached someother way like to the head or shoulders). So wouldn’t it be closer to a centaur and be upright or is the prior example closer to what you meant?