Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



@ErisErato I’m glad you liked it! I do intend on changing the MCs introduction to the other characters, that felt a bit rushed. And in the next update the skill increase option will be left out in favor of a pure skill increase option at a different time so you can hang out with the other characters and also increase your skills and not one or the other.

@Andrew_Stapleton in the next chapter you choose weather or not you go the solo or team route and that changes the battles for the rest of the story. Someone like Tex will oppose you going single since he wants to but it will still be doable!


Is there a chance of having a military background option.


@Andrew_Stapleton your mother is military, does that count?


No no it does not lol


Huh so this is what being addicted to heroine must feel like, in all seriousness considering me hooked can’t wait for more updates.


@BrandonH I’d be happy to be your dealer then

All seriousness thanks! It’s been a lot of fun to write this so far


It is very intriguing so far but I was kinda insulted about the way you had the Aussie talk we don’t actually talk like that but nonetheless keep up the good work.


@Sovereign It was meant to be an over the top accent for sure, I got my Australian friend to write it with me. That being said I definetly don’t want to offend anyone and can easily change it.


Funny enough my friend told me that’s often how she talks to her Australian friends when she is around Americans or in chatrooms…did I mention she is a bit of a ass and troll?
(She is also Australian)

Btw I spent a good 20 minutes finding this game again becuase I loved it a while back and wanted to see how it was doing and the addition since the last update was awesome loved choule(I wanna say that’s wrong spelling)


@Drakeye that’s more or less the direction I wanted to go with her, but obviously I don’t want to offend anyone. And Chloe is one of my favorite characters too, glad you’re liking it!


So they was supposed to come off that way, this makes sense a bit. It is hard to be passed off that way without them openly saying to the Mc that its just their persona for show.
maybe if you pick them you ask about how they act and they take a small moment to be honest about their “act” and that they just got used to acting that way for so long its sometimes hard to turn off? just trying to give ideas on how to show its just a joke and a act to them (assuming it is).

Ahh “Chloe” i knew my spelling was off. Yea great character
Edit: either way good luck.


So I was was playing the game for the fifth time or so and I had a thought. What changes when you choose which parent is still alive. I always choose Father because it made more since for the mechanic to help me build our Pluse, but as far as I can see besides so different text nothing happens. It would be nice if we choose one parent and got a appropriate state boost. That neither here nore there just a nick pick.
Has any one thought of what happens during summer break? I know it’s aways away but I had the idea that you could do three things. One go back to your parents and get a skill boost in each area. Two go with one of your team mates. Get friendship points and a big boost in one area and small ones in the others. An third you get a summer job get a small boost in appropriate areas and an upgrade for your Pluse.


@Evan_Hebb that’s not a bad idea to have some of your selected parent run off on you, maybe strength for your mother and intellect for father due to their professions. Choosing your parent will have a large impact on which part of the story you get, so it’s not necessarily a meaningless choice even if it seems like it right now. I have a few ideas for a break, but I’ll for sure consider some of those!


I think if that choice has a big impact, it would be good to give the info about parents (mechanic/military), before giving an actual choice, cause currently you have no real idea what you are picking, besides the living parents’ gender.


From a purely selfish standpoint, I actually hope it wouldn’t exactly work like that, because I tend to play a physical build yet keep good old dad alive, since I think it makes for a better narrative. :innocent:


You could always work on those stats in memory of the parent.


Where is RUSSIA? All my characters are Russians


@fluggegecheimen You’ll see :wink: Something happened and in the future it’s not the same anymore.


In Neo Russia, Giant Mecha pilots YOU!


@Talyrion Shhh that was supposed to be a secret