Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



“Well, my mom says I am special!”



Are we able to do both the Team matches and Solo or can we pick only one?

Also do you have an idea of what electives will be up on offer once we can choose them?


@Andrew_Stapleton maybe, but we will come to find out not everything is so great with Astrid

@WolfieGrey you can pick the solo route or group route, not both. It will be easier to fill a spot than ask to be the solo, as someone like Tex will oppose you. As for electives I have an idea on like two of them… I’m open to suggestions


Maybe but the mech she has is grand indeed.


Some ideas:

  • Japanese language/culture class - social buff and ability to read menu :d
  • Mechanics class - let’s allow our pulse to truly “do it’s best”
  • Some specific weapon related class: martial arts for melee (Kendo maybe?) shooting range for range weapons, not sure what for power
  • Pulse Rugby?
  • Game theory?
  • Survival class? (If there are some types of pulse battles that would benefit from it)
  • Sports science for pulse disciplines?
  • Some media-centred class


What do people usually choose to study at a school where you learn to fight with giant robots?

Thinking in terms of “as the player wants to be a professional athlete, what else should be focus on” I get the following:

Fitness electives: we’re already taking a general fitness class that covers… idk… General fitness? But what about specialized classes i.e. martial arts, gymnastics, etc.

Piloting classes: things such as running obstacle courses in your Pulse, combat training, etc.

Leadership courses and/or Solo courses. Learn combat tactics, dueling, etc.

Advanced combat theory or R&D. Survival classes.

History or language classes.


I’d just like to pop in and say - I usually loathe mecha games, but this one seems rather interesting.

Also, as an elective, maybe sports? Not regular sports of course…sports while in your Pulse. I mean, we already have confirmed Pulse rugby, so…


@Isabella_Taylor Glad you liked it! And that seems like a fun idea I can see the students of GPU participating in! For right now I’m leaning towards ba-taoshi…


I think you meant bo-taoshi, but isn’t that more of a event than elective? Does GPU have a school festival?


@gvyn whoops been calling it the wrong thing this whole time. And I was thinking of it being an elective everyone involved plays each week working on teamwork and the sort. There would be no weapons and maybe 10-15 per team instead of the usual 150


BTW, haven’t you tried to implement CJW’s saving system to your story?

I figured out that there’re a lot of things to try, here, and a save system wouldn’t be so bad :]


@Szaal Oh yeah a save system, that makes sense. I can just find that on the forums? I never quite figured out how to do that one


You just need to put this code somewhere in your startup.txt, preferrably above your variable creation, and check the :ballot_box_with_check: “Use CJW’s…” on the dashingdon.

Replace as necessary

*sm_init [your gamename] [number of slots]


Whats the highest rank you can get.


@Andrew_Stapleton I believe doing everything right, around 540. I’m still playing around with the values, but I like the idea of the MC having to work towards being better throughout the year and starting off average amongst the best, rather than starting off strong.


According to what I looked up 150 teams are in National Defense Academy and that’s known for its size, but I need a clarification on something: are we talking about bo-taoshi in pulses? Because that would make it really hard logistically. I mean, you would need an around 30m tall pole that could handle hundreds of tons, without bending too much nor breaking, plus are pulses agile enough to effectively climb the pole or would it turn in a normal (or weaponless, but there are pulses using their fists) fight over disabling pole holders.
BTW: Scrum in Pulse Rugby would be absolutely terrifying. I think it’s safe to assume that forwards would be “bastion” class sized, so if that were rugby fifteens that would make a team’s scrum weight around 736 tonnes. Imagine being in the front row and being between such masses. Seems absolutely crazy.


@gvyn out of about 1200 students, 6 being in a team like yours, that makes about 200 teams. So just a little more than the national defense academy. For the bao-Toshi, yeah that sounds interesting now that you mention the logistics of it all. Maybe it’ll just end up as a pilot event and support the 150 man team clusterfuck it was designed to be. Pulse Rugby may end up being a thing, I wouldn’t want to be between the frontlines lol


That awkward moment when Astrid’s Pulse has the same name as yours…


Anyway, I was a bit skeptical about this game because I’m not a mech fan but I like your approach to this so far. The humor and writing are good, a bit off at times dipping into silly territory but overall I did end up laughing in some spots. Just needs a little cleaning up with grammar and spelling.

Also I agree with what some other users have mentioned already: It would be really nice to have your team react more to your Pulse. After sitting through everyone’s introductions, to have yours just skipped over felt a bit wrong. Having our MC at least say their name, Pulse class + name, and weapon, then have the team comment on it a little bit would make that section flow better I think.

And maybe make the transition from scene to scene clearer? For instance there’s a point where you’re talking to your cousin, the reader hits next, and then suddenly it’s the next day and our MC is walking to school. Something like a header telling us where you are or that time has passed would make that less jarring. Or the next button itself informing us of the scene change instead of just saying next?

Last point, I swear. I agree choosing between hanging out with a teammate and raising a skill should be separate (also was a little confused why 3 out 4 of the things you can train in are pilot stats and then one is a Pulse stat). I would like to read more about our teammates but I also don’t want to pass up a chance to raise my skills for future stat checks etc. So I’d feel kinda pressured to go for the stat raising over interaction.

Anyway good job! I look forward to see how this game grows. :wink:


I dunno. I mean if you choose to hang out with, say, Connor and you help him train then it’s only natural that your physical stat would increase as well. It doesn’t increase as much as if you were training solo though, which is the pay off.


How do you go solo is it possible.