Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



New chapter is out everyone

Feedback appreciated:)


Just played through it. It’s a good introduction to the team, and it’s definitely making me want to play more. Just be careful, there’s a few typos here and there.

(if you want to give yourself extra work, it’d be interesting to have your teammates comment on your pulse, depending of which chassis/weapon/upgrade you picked - heck, maybe coming with minor relationship boost/losses, they all seem pretty opinionated about those sort of things after all - but given the number of possibilities, it’s probably a lot of work for little gains)


@Talyrion that does sound like some work, i might work on it if I get stuck somewhere and still want to work on the story!


New chapter is nice, but as someone mentioned there are some typos. There are some things that bother me, though.

  • There should be some choice about self-introduction (the “promise” line sounded really cliché). And a line or two about our choice of Pulse.
  • The part where we have a choice “meet someone” or “raise a stat” is, in my opinion, not the way to go. I think It should be a choice to meet someone or do something “lone wolf” (but not influencing other “skill” stats) and then a skill choice (like the one earlier where you could choose to go jogging). Or at least have the “skill” scenes the same length and story value as the “meet” ones.
  • Your cousin saying: “I can see that. Never really got into it myself, but it makes sense for you.”, after you say there is no particular thing you like to do.
  • How much can we influence our rank? And the wrestling matches?
  • After a "choice script"writing talk with cousin scene, the “meme page” talk with Hannah, might be a bit of an oversaturation.
  • Minor thing, but there is “pepperoni is ok” scene which might bother people who wanted their character to be vegetarian/vegan/Muslim etc.



Hmm yeah I guess the self explanation could use some love. I’m sure I can get the others to mention some defining features to give the reader a unique feeling.

As for the stat or meet, it was a trial (guess it failed) I’ll do more like the jogging choice and leave the hang out option purely for char dev

In the ranking you can move your ranking roughly 60 places, up or down starting at around 600. I’ve been playing with the numbers here a lot internally but don’t have it to my liking just yet.

As for wrestling you can advance in rounds up to twice depending on your physical stat and meet Connor early if you pass a stat check. There is some dialogue regarding this later on.

Dang memes ruining it again

The pizza will now be a non-offensive cheese slice (unless your lactose intolerant…)


First of all love the game. Second I would love for a heavy weapon like a LMG or a minigun in the game. I know that u can somewhat can do these with the assualt rilfe but it is not the same. Three I would love a shotgun too, but would settle for the heavy.
The game is wonderful small things here and there, but that can be fixed. I love what I see so far with the characters with Chile being my favorite. It reminds me of a anime called infinite Stratus and wish it was more like these game.
I agree with another commenter about more upgrades maybe have them sprinkled through out the story.
Also when your team talks about your pluse maybe have to defend it like saying that even with an older model you got to rank 550 like I did. I do have a question will we have the ability to choice which teammates to bring into a fight or would that be up to your leader?


This game reminds me of Ace Academy (Visual Novel). Love it, nonetheless.
Edit: exactly A.A


Now, I wonder if this game will be the thing to finally provide me with a yuri school battle harem setting :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a backhanded compliment, though. I mean, some backgrounds claim some consider you “your nation’s best pilot”. Now, it’s probably an exaggeration, but still, the fact that your very best performance barely put you above half the students here, and that you’re supposed to be very, very good at piloting, leaves only one conclusion: your pulse is indeed a piece of junk and is holding you back a lot. :sweat:

(that or your nation is really bad at giant robot fights)


Not necessarily. Without knowing what the highschool tournament consisted of there’s no real way to tell. I doubt they were putting you in 1v4 situations.

We also don’t know all the variables we were being graded on. It could easily have been (for example) "if that shot hit two inches to the left he would have gained an additional 10 points).

That being said, having a newer pulse and/or gear likely would have given a better score to an extent. There has to be some balance between “pilot skill” and “pulse capabilities”. Getting a state of the art pulse could end up with us holding that back.


By that account, there’s no way to tell if the reverse was true either, and that because of some fluke, we could have ended up with less points too. Ultimately, it’s better to assume the ranking system is somewhat consistent, rather than believe that you can gain or lose a hundred places depending of the mood of the jury.

Ultimately, the fact remains that a presumably talented MC ended up outperformed by 550+ people. While there are outliers like Astrid, who definitely have a leg up from the start, she’s an exception, not the rule. And I’m sure everyone here is talented - it’s an elite school, after all - but that still leaves you with two options: either the MC is actually kind of average among the good pilots, or the home-made pulse truly is really inferior to the other ones.

Now, the thing is, it might not remain inferior forever. What apparently held it back the most is the lack of access to good tech, that might be possible to acquire during our cursus - while presumable everyone else already have it - so that’s potentially a big margin of progression. But as it stands, our pulse is most likely one of the worst ones at the start of the year - though perhaps one with the biggest ability to be improved.


Doesn’t Tex’s (#6 ranked pilot) have a pulse in even worse condition than we do? Also if MC lived in America, doesn’t that mean he is best pilot in USA? Shouldn’t Tex hold this title?


I think this pretty much hits the nail on the head on both accounts. We can gather that we are better than the average pilot simply because we’ve been accepted to the school. Then, like any sports team, you have your all-stars, your good players, your average players and your “meh” players. Personally I like that we’re midrange among the other students as that leaves plenty of room for improvement and accomplishment, particularly around beating higher ranked pilots.

I do think we might be getting a little underestimated on our choice of pulse though. Sure it may be a bit older than the rest and newer models might have better core base stats, that’s nothing mods can’t fix. Compare it to modern day stuff. “That computer came out in 2016, get an upgrade”. Sure the base model did but the newer ones are more or less the same just with some better specs and new features, all of which can be “fixed” with using custom software.


I’m fairly certain the “some people claim you are the best” is just some peoples opinion of you. Just as I can say insert sports star here is the best player in the world, it doesn’t mean s/he is.


@Evan_Hebb An LMG sounds kinda fun. Maybe a gatling gun/minigun could work here. I’ll play around with it some. Just don’t want the weapons page to become too saturated since each weapon will have little textual referances along the way.

@Rover_Atvist I loved that VN and was said to see there wouldn’t be a part two. The story inspired War Games but it’ll be different. It’s hard to avoid the tropes that story used,

@readher if it doesn’t, we’ll both be disappointed

@gvyn Just because one is from the top in their country doesn’t necessarily make them the best among those at GPU. Tex is one of the best in the world, but we’ll come to find he isn’t perfect. He is the best pilot in the US however.

@WolfieGrey There will be modifications to choose from to improve your pulse. However, in the story the reader will come to find being a better pilot can outweigh the shiny tech other students have (as is the case with Tex.). The average or so skill rating is because you are an above average pilot with less than average gear. The two even out for right now.

Also for some clarification the individual rank is more of less an indicator of your current standing. It’s only really important if you enter the singles side of the gauntlet, otherwise the group rank is more important.


I loved that VN and was said to see there wouldn’t be a part two.

Nothing says there won’t be part two. The team behind Ace Academy is currently finishing their new game, Crystalline and it’s possible they’ll make Ace Academy sequel next (or at least in the future). They certainly didn’t dismiss such possibility.

if it doesn’t, we’ll both be disappointed

And we don’t want that, do we? I’m really surprised no one ever thought about writing a yuri school battle harem light novel.


Just wondering why can’t you choose to have a sword and shield that would be perfect.


Could probably only afford one at that point. Though for in-game reasons it would be more along the lines of balance and/or “the weapon/s actually don’t really change anything other than some text here and there”.

It would have been cool though for a pilot with high style to be able to catch the shield that was thrown at you in midair though.


No what would be even better is starting with a military Mech instead of the rust bucket you get. lol


@Andrew_Stapleton I feel like that kind of choice would invalidate the other options… and your pulse isn’t junk! It’s just… doing its best :sweat_smile:

@WolfieGrey that actually sounds really cool and a nice way to reward skilled pilots early on with extra rankings


Lets be honest it looks like junk compared to that girls military mech.