Pulse University - a Mech Game (WiP) - Updated 1/21/2019



This is an amazing Idea! So far I love it


It’s a little surprising seeing Miguel having the same nickname as I do in real life lol but amazing writing so far! I’ll be keeping my eye on this.


Great comment made me laugh no seriously it started t-bagging my pulse right after it got depowered


You switch the instructions to a language you better understand.

Heh, I always preferred English as the UI language than Indonesian in most cases :laughing:


@Devildpgs Thanks, that means a lot to me! I agree, definetly not enough mech stories on this site.

@MichaelCrank I’m actually really glad you said this cus I was kinda worried writhed or not that was a realistic nickname :sweat_smile: :


Hey guys I’m looking to post the next chapter sometime this week. I’ve been working slowly on it the last few weeks but classes and flying and what not (Im a pilot in real life, kinda the inspiration for this). Sorry for the wait!


Well well, who knows that we got another fan of aviation on this site :eyeglasses:
Take your time! We’ll surely wait for you until another update comes, no matter how long it’ll takes.
cries inside

On the other hand, I’ve got a feeling that you need a more catchy title? I feel that the current one doesn’t really suit with the context of your story, at least by what I’ve read so far. Just a nitpick of mine :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:


Will do! And as for the name, I’m with ya on that one. I’ll think on some stuff I was wanting the name to be the Olympic based games based around mechs that everyone is trying to get into. Obviously I wanted it to be catchy and easy to remember but it’s not original yet.


Love the demo. Can’t wait to see where you go with this.
I know you already mentioned the whole thing with name choices… it’s just that it can be really helpful for some people to see what kind of names fit into the world. Example I give my character a really “normal” american name then I realize all the character have really unique futuristic names. I then need to restart. Its not a huge deal it just helps . Also when you don’t know all the names of the main characters and you accidently give yours the same name as someone else, a bit annoying. No biggie tho.

When I choose the MADs kinetic defense mod… it does nothing for my physical defense? And during the sushi dinner with Mina all of a sudden a Shun is talking to me and I have no idea where he came from? Did I miss something?

I’m liking the side characters a lot so far. Will you be giving us any more information on the other characters we will meet? A short description of everyone would be cool to have in the future if you have time for that.


Glad you enjoyed it! I love feedback like this because often it’s things I never thought of, I’m still not 100% on character names as of right now. You’ll like the next chapter as it describes everyone there. I’ll check on the Mina shun thing, you should only interact with one cousin depending on your gender. The MADS kinetic defense system (and Pulse shield) do not improve your defense but serve as a one time immunity to their respective damage source once per fight


:ok_hand: sounds good. Ive already played the demo and everyone’s name so far are pretty standard/normal so I can deal with it. Thanks for considering it.

Ah okay. Thanks for the explanation.

And if it helps I was playing as female and Mina was my roommate.


I like the story…but…heh…don’t take this the wrong way , but the weapon choices are a bit of a let down for meh . :sweat_smile:


@E_RedMark could you elaborate a little? I’m down for adding more choices down the line


sure , it just the way you describe every Mech . They are based on your rpg class right ? the warlock , the paladin and such . And like it or not , that got my imagination goes wild . So when I got to the part of choosing a weapon (melee or ranged) , that kinda was a let down .

For the 1st try , I picked the ranged with a bow . And well…the best I had was a rail gun . Where is mah energy Bow ???

And then though of the warlock , and kinda imagined a giant Mech with a metal staff in one hand and a crystal ball in another walking in the ring .

See what I mean ? :sweat_smile:

Edit: dunno if a pic would give you an idea of I mean maybe? lol


I love this game! Being half Japanese it’s awesome I love the idea. Hunger games/Olympics with robots​:+1::+1::+1::+1:


@E_RedMark mm yeah I can see where that might have been confusing. Honestly my thought process was to have Pulse classes people would recognize (the paladin class is strong etc) but didn’t expect people to actually play LIKE a holy paladin per se. That being said I think I can work in some form of giant bow to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies


ha ha , well for me personally . I’m not familliar with MECH at all . So your description helped ALOT . and i know there are manga outta there with MECH , but…not my style . But a Mech , yet with rpg like feel to it that you controle like a suit or whatever…now that’s more to my taste . Since you be mixing rpg style + futuristic stuff . And I also suck at guns…I’m more a blade person then a revolver lol .

Think energy Bows . They can be used as a normal bow , but throw energy instead of arrow of steels or any other metals . Or they can throw arrow that explodes , create gaz area , create explosions that hold the ennemy on the spot…etc .


@E_RedMark Fair enough I’ll put some effort into it for sure. Also about the “classes” I was thinking them kinda like car models, you know you get the Ford Fusion or the Toyota Camry, now you get the Paladin or the Rouge. If I’m being all honest The weapons themselves don’t play a massive role in the game (they’re all different but have minor stat changes) and more so serve as textual differences and immersion. That being said there are situations where a sword will fail you and vice versa


only if you like to lol plz don’t feel like you have to . I play your game regardless , I just have to look up the different weapon due to being clueless :sweat_smile:


I think you can reword the weapons’ name into their respective class to make them more easily recognizable. Later, inside their description, you can go wild and put the armaments’ codename there.

Such as

A large Titanium-alloy double bladed sword = Double-edged, heavy sword
Two short swords designed for speed and piercing = Dual light short-sword
A long metal rod with electricity coursing through it = Electric rod
Two 30mm HCAP-30 Pistols = Dual light (caliber) pistols
Two 75mm M-300 Hand Cannons = Dual heavy (cal.) hand cannons
A TAPR 20mm Automatic Rifle = Auto-Rifle
The XM101 Railgun = Long-Range railgun